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Descendants Indonesia Tottenham Loaned to Ipswich Town

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tottenham Hotspur young midfielder Massimo Luongo descent Indonesia will spend the season 2012/13 in the Division Championship with Ipswich Town.

19-year-old has agreed to move to Ipswich on loan for one full season.

"Joining with Ipswich on loan is a great opportunity for me and I really can not wait to fight through the regular team here," Luongo said, as quoted by the official page of Ipswich Town.

Since joining Tottenham in January 2011, Luongo only one appearances for Spurs when the defeat of Stoke City in the League Cup. At that time, he became the source of the failure of the team for the execution of penalty can be blocked by Thomas Sorensen, in the round of penalty kicks.

Luongo appeared twice for Australia U-20 national team, which was his birthplace. He can also choose the Italian national team because it is the birthplace of his father, and he also could choose Indonesia national team, because as it is the birthplace of his mother.
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Pablo Infante, Bank Officer Turned Top Score Copa Del Rey 2012

Lionel Messi is not, nor Fernando Llorente. Top score Copa del Rey this season was a bank clerk named Pablo Infante. He brought Mirandes capable of stepping up to the semifinals.

Failure Fernando Llorente scored two additional goals in the final of the Copa del Rey, Pablo Infante certainly a welcome relief (Mirandes). Yes, with this, there is no one who bears the title rival it in the top scorer of the Copa del Rey season 2011/2012, although this title is considered less important.

This season, Mirandes, Segunda Division B club, reversing all predictions. Three-level club status in Spain, bravely conquer club is nicknamed Rojillos clubs are more established.

Brushed Villarreal 3-1 on aggregate. Racing Santander smothering with a similar aggregate. Espanyol even the best center in the graph, subdued via the aggressiveness away goals. Athletic Bilbao only the runner-up who could put a halt to Mirandes. In the semifinals, Bilbao roll up the fight club is also nicknamed the Warthog is the aggregate of 8-3.

Mirandes struggle to the point that only exist in the wild dream Segunda Division B club itself, not separated from Pablo Infante. 7 goals along dibukukannya Mirandes participation in the Copa del Rey. Better than Fernando Llorente (5 goals) or Lionel Messi (3 goals).

Bank employees Gol Print Expert

Infante is a special figure for Mirandes. The attacker was born in 1980 Rojillos troops pounded interpreter. Since living in this club in 2005, Infante has scored over 110 goals. More special is the daily life. Infante was a bank officer who is located 50 kilometers from the gym Mirandes. A profession that made him refuse to join the Segunda Division club.

However, the issue of professionalism, no question about it. On June 26, 2011, the club must compete in the promotion play-off party to the Segunda Division. In fact, the day before Pablo Infante married. So, the night he partied, and competed the next day. Unfortunately, the game was dead 1-2 of Guadalaraja Mirandes.

This season alone, again Mirandes chance to Segunda Division. Currently they will face Atletico Baleares in the semifinal second leg, after the first leg 1-0. If Mirandes win and advance to the finals, Infante need to think again about his career as a bank clerk.
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"DJ Ribery" Thousands Heat "partygoers" Munich

It is not unusual that Franck Ribery is a gridiron star Allianz Arena. But the French attacking midfielder also had charisma on stage party. Do not believe it?

Saturday (7/21/2012) at 23:00 of time ahead of Germany, Ribery Muenchner Koenigsplatz performing on stage. He invited famous disc jockey, David Guetta. Cash, about 18,000 partygoers who are directly in front of the stage-bells and whistles. Ribery was accompanied at the same time as preparing the accompanying disc Guetta dance song.

That is the way to end his vacation Ribery. Understandably, on Sunday (7/22/2012) morning, he should be back training hard with the Bayern Munich squad.

First, he must undergo medical tests "Die Bayern" led by Dr. Peter Spitzenpfeil and Sport held in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Munich.

Hmm, it looks like more fun with Guetta. Not so, Monsieur Ribery?
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Andres Iniesta and Nike Release CTR360 Maestri III

Andres Iniesta and ngerilis Nike shoe models named new CTR360 Maestri III.

Yellow gold, want to spread the genius brain Iniesta in midfield Barca and Spain to the world through these shoes. Unfortunately, the model is less minimalist shoes and more eye-catching shoes 'colors' which was released some time ago when Nike Euro 2012.

But for fans Iniesta and Nike, there is not salanya start searching from the current model of shoe that will be used "Captain Tsubasa from Spain" in the upcoming 2012-13 season.

Photographs CTR360 Maestri III Andres Iniesta:
Andres Iniesta CTR360  Maestri III

Andres Iniesta CTR360  Maestri III

Andres Iniesta CTR360  Maestri III

Andres Iniesta CTR360  Maestri III

Andres Iniesta CTR360  Maestri III

Andres Iniesta CTR360  Maestri III

Andres Iniesta CTR360  Maestri III
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First Russian player Denis Cheryshev costume Madrid

Denis Cheryshev made ​​history in giants Real Madrid are already 110 years old. 21-year-old became the first player from Russia who wore costumes Los Blancos.

Cheryshev made ​​his debut while playing for El Real time held a trial match against Segunda B club, Real Oviedo on Tuesday. Cheryshev accounts for one out of five goals in the victory of El Real.

Nizhniy Novgorod was born attacker shows the quality scores through a narrow angle on the right side of Oviedo's goal in minute 38. The ball that rolled heavy driven goalkeeper failed to Oviedo.

Cheryshev today is still a Real Madrid Castilla player who competed in the Segunda Division. But it is possible he was able to penetrate into the rigors of competition in the squad that competed in the Liga Primera Division.

The player who plays as a striker or a left wing was a Russian U21 national team penggawa. He is the son of Russian professional footballer, Dimitri Cheryshev, who played for Spanish club, Sporting Gijon. So that competition in the land of the matador is not something foreign to him.
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Sexy Cheerleaders Crystal Palace

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

For you who like the sexy cheerleaders actions, you should turn your attention to the first division (Championship) England, especially to a club Crystal Palace.

Despite only competing in the Premier League caste, Palace did not want to lose to Juventus and MLS teams to have cheerleaders.

The Eagles hope, the presence of "Crystals" is able to boost ticket sales and attendance at the stadium supporters.

If every game at home were treated to hot acts of cheers sexy, who would refuse?
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13 Sexy Girls Crystal Palace Promote Tickets

Many ways to do a club for the party season tickets sell cage. One of the unique campaign launched by the English club, Crystal Palace. "The Eagles" using the women cheerleaders!

A total of 13 cheerleaders promote season tickets Crystal Palace Selhurst Park Stadium, headquarters Palace, via video lasted about three minutes. The women are dressed in sexy bikini patterned with just using "The Eagles".

In the video, the cheerleaders and then sang the song "Call Me Maybe" popularized by Carly Rae Jepsen. Nothing special lyrics that tell the fans to buy season tickets Palace. However, the marketing of "The Eagles" use the whole point of Selhurst Park Stadium for the campaign.

Not known season-ticket sales growth Palace pascapenayangan promotional video. But, what do "The Eagles" seems quite successful with promotional video watched by more than 1 million people via YouTube. Possibly, by using the cheerleaders, loyal audience Selhurst Park Stadium is not just coming from the Palace fans, but other clubs around the City of London.

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Thorgan Hazard, Eden Race to Chelsea

Two of the four brothers Hazard is now in Chelsea. After Eden, "The Blue" also recruited oldest sister's Belgian international striker: Thorgan Hazard.

Thorgan, who plays as attacking midfielder or winger, bought Chelsea from French club, Lens, with an undisclosed price.

Players 19 years was temporarily inserted into the U-21 squad, who trained Dermot Drummy, and is open to another club on loan in order to finalize his ability, to follow the other names that have previously lent such as Ulises Davila, Milan Lakovic, and Matej Delac.

Transfer of players that can play as attacking midfielder is actually been predicted since last week. Since Lens suffered relegation to Ligue 2, removals Thorgan difficult detained by club management.

Last season, which is the first season in the professional level, playing 14 times for Thogard Lens, without scoring. While in Belgium U-19 national team, he has played 23 times and collected 10 goals.

Thorgan followed his sister, Eden, who first joined the Stamford Bridge last month at a price of 32 million pounds transfer from Lille. They had two other brothers, who also is studying football. Kylian (16) is in academy Lille, Ethan (7) at the academy of former Eden club, AFC Tubiz.

The existence of two brothers in the Chelsea players are nothing new. Previously Ray Wilkins and Graham, Ron and Allan Harris, John and Peter Sillett, and Chris and William Ferguson also had to reinforce the west London team.
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Since the Birth Number 10 Destined Being Owned Messi

Lionel Messi and the number 10 has a special closeness. Since wearing this sacred number in Barcelona, a series of goals for the goals flowed from the foot of the messianic. Things that make it capable of scoring over 200 goals in his last four seasons. Somewhat unique when we realized, long ago, even from birth, the number 10 as fate would have belonged to King Leo.

25 years ago, at a hospital in Rosario, a mother struggle gave birth to her son. Doctors at the time, Norberto Odetto, when Lionel Messi witness first saw the little world, a few minutes before six o'clock on June 24, 1987. Not in another room at the hospital, but in room number 10.

Odetto said, this incident as a sign of the greatness of King Leo in later life: a person born in room number 10, a back number 10 best players of the world, only in less than 25 years.

The number 10 was so complete. He not only became the king in the field. All who knew Messi would know the attitude of quiet and shy; behind its status as a superstar of the world. Kala semenjana players can behave arbitrarily, Messi referred to the gynecologist as a person who inherits the properties of humble parents.

Now, the number 10 who was born in room number 10 Hospital Italiano Garibaldi, continue the path of destiny. For goals scored, and an inspiration to anyone in the world.
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Van Persie MU Instead Allegedly Select City

After the refusal to extend the contract with Arsenal, Robin van Persie future is still confusing. 28 year-old striker allegedly going to make Old Trafford as a new port rather than close to Manchester City.

Van Persie on the initial transfer stressed refused to continue career at Arsenal's Emirates impact of failure of title in the last seven seasons. This paper makes a number of Europe's elite club after him try. Among them are Manchester United and Manchester City.

However, as reported by The People, Van Persie thought MU would choose as a final port. Believed to be a starter because of greater opportunities in MU than in ManCity yag been inhabited by the 'stack' top striker.

If you choose ManCity, then Van Persie has to compete with Sergio Aguero, Mario Balotelli, Carlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko to get a prime position. And the competition will be growing when Emmanuel Adebayor was sold to Tottenham Hotspur canceled.

ManCity manager, Roberto Mancini terangngan publicly expressed interest to use the Dutch national team striker. But MU seems to be a leading candidate in this hunt memenangan.

Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson considers the signing of Van Persie will provide great opportunities for Red Seran win the Premier League again next season.

Because the presence of Van Persie facilitate MU rotation up front because it has the world's top four strikers. MU is currently the front line is filled by Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez.
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Lazio Got Lost Mascot

Lazio pre-season training in Auronzo di Cadore tinged drama this week. Eagle mascot of the club, Olimpia fly off into the wild.
Lazio Sempat Kehilangan Maskot
American eagle is usually really entertaining the Laziale to fly a few laps at the Stadio Olimpico when Biancocelesti hold a barn party.

In the practice session yesterday, Olimpia test-flying in front of a number of fans who watch their favorite teams practice at 7 am local time. And suddenly he decided to fly to the hills.

According to Italian daily, La Repubblica, the bird handler then uses ultrasonic equipment to track the whereabouts of Olimpia. But they instead found another eagle.

The club mascot concerned about the conditions they are bred in captivity so it would get in a natural hazard. But at around 8.30 am lucky, Olimpia Lazio returned to training camp, perhaps with a spirit and a new experience.

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Jersey 'Mini Mouse' Gets Much scorn Recreativo Huelva Fans

Second division club Recreativo Huelva Spain La Liga cursed out by their own fans, his case trivial jersey design.
Jersey 'Mini Mouse' Recreativo Huelva Dihujat Fans
Home-made costume design sports apparel manufacturer from Denmark Hummel is called their fans ridiculous.

The costume is red and white polka-dot-frills clothing that briefly looked like Mini Mouse (Disney cartoon). And it is very regrettable by their fans.

Through various social networking sites Recreativo fans loudly commented "It's the worst thing I've ever seen in recent years," wrote one fan.

Hummel himself claimed it was because the deal with so mepet Huelva, that she could spend more feasible design
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No language barrier Kagawa To Shine

Shinji Kagawa is still not fluent in English. Even so, it did not stop him to shine at Manchester United.
Bahasa Bukan Halangan Kagawa Untuk Bersinar
What Kagawa demonstrated during the practice session to make Alex Ferguson was impressed. Palatih Scot was impressed with the intelligence that owned a Japanese player. The reason, Fergie does not need to repeat what he had instructed him.

"It is my boast is in every exercise we do at the gym, he (Kagawa) never need a long explanation," said Ferguson told The Sun

Furthermore, this 70-year-old coach said his players seemed to understand English. Therefore, he just needs to demonstrate it once.

Kagawa itself is one of the players who brought the Red Devils this summer. It seems the price is worth 17 million pounds to be paid to Borussia Dortmund if the view of what he has done so far.

Ferguson also added that a player's performance in the 23-year-old has shown what his qualities. It is a proof that indeed Kagawa was a tremendous player.
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Joey Barton Launches Personal Website

Joey Barton has been known as a very controversial player. In addition bengalnya behavior in the field, Barton is also known for singing on Twitter.
Joey Barton Luncurkan Website Pribadi
It's countless number of victims of Barton in the online world. Barton had attacked Alan Shearer, John Terry, David Beckham, Emmanuel Frimpong, and much more.

Apparently Twitter has not been able to satisfy Barton. Therefore, the QPR player is expanding its global reach by launching a personal website and channel on Youtube.

In his personal website,, Barton wrote reasons 'widening of the wings'. In addition, Barton also explained the 'resume' brief him on the site's home page.

This is the place to share thoughts and to hear your opinions. I want to illuminate some important things to me and opened the debate. Who knew we could help change things together.

If you are a troll (prankster) that had no purpose, or just want to curse it, join me on Twitter. Believe me, there will be much easier. You can have fun there.
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Arsenal Transfer Deadline Related United RVP

Manchester United warned by boss Arsene Wenger that Arsenal forward Robin van Persie will not be sold if the season 2012/13 is rolled.
Arsenal Deadline United Terkait Transfer RVP
Architect United Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed the offer to Arsenal for the striker, whose contract at the Emirates Stadium left a year and has expressed intention to leave it.

Manchester City and Italian giants Juventus are also involved in this hunt, but Wenger has revealed yet none of them offer a set price close to Arsenal for the RVP, which amounted to 30 million pounds.

Apart from the possible loss of Van Persie with a status free transfer next season, Wenger has always indicated that he wanted to retain the Premier League top scorer last season. And, he also gave a warning to clubs interested to bid right before the competition begins August 18 next, not before the transfer window closed on August 31.

In a press conference which is part of pre-season tour in Malaysia for the Gunners, Wenger said: "We are very ambitious. You know it. Not only ambition, but we also have pride in running this club."

"Van Persie is a world class striker and I are admirers. I have been supportive throughout his career. He was still under contract for one year and many clubs who want it, but we were eager to defend it."

Wenger confirmed, it will take a decision which was considered best for the club. According to him, all the Arsenal transfer operations had to be completed before the time they have set.

"The official transfer deadline is August 31, but we've got your own deadlines," said Wenger.

When asked if that meant before digulirkannya new season, he replied: "Of course. For me, the activities must be completed before the transfer is the season starts."
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David Beckham Surprise Fans in a Mall

Photo Booths are a fun place to capture exciting moments with your friends. However, the moment could turn into a hysteria that will be remembered sepajang David Beckham to live if a sudden and go pose with you.

Beckham did not appear as an athlete at the 2012 London Olympics after failing to enter Great Britain squad. However, the former England captain was still having an important role in the opening ceremony, on Friday (27/7).

Before diving main tasks, first Beckham greeted fans at a shopping center in London. 37-year-old player successfully makes the fan who was posing in photo booths screaming hysterically!

Beckham is currently holding an Adidas-sponsored event to provide an opportunity for 60 lucky fans support the athletes through the photo host Westfield Stratford City near the Olympic village, on Monday (23/7). He took time to surprise fans and the athletes in the photo booths before the start of question and answer session.

The results are remarkable. Not only is the woman who blushed and shouted, a son even to tears with surprise by the unexpected presence of Beckham.
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Indonesia AFF Cup Champion 2012 version of Wikipedia

AFF Cup finals in 2012 it will be rolling from 24 November. However, interesting sights Wikipedia site appears on page 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup. How could I not, in Indonesia there has been ordained as a champion by beating Thailand in the final.

Wikipedia, which is often a reference to a lot of people looking for information, is often a target of the fun. And this time, Tuesday (24/7) Wikipedia page 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup is a victim. All data and results has been edited, to bring Indonesia and Thailand at the top of the party.

Irresponsible parties it was quite charming and creative in filling the data and results from the group stage to the final round. How not filled squad Indonesia there are quite a few interesting new names. Call it a defending player Espanyol B, Arthur Irawan. Or youth 19 years of playing in the Qatar club, Al-Khor, Farri Agri.

In these pages, Indonesia managed to wipe out the entire victory in Group B. Each of the Laos 5-0, 2-0 over the 2-1 win over Malaysia and Singapore. Titus Bonai Indonesia became the top scorer in the group phase with a collection of five goals.

After defeating Vietnam with a score of 2-1 and 2-0, were challenged Thailand Indonesia. Playing at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Indonesia bagged 3-1 kemenagan capital. Arthur Irawan generated goals, and Silitonga Farri Agri. Meanwhile, while competing at Rajamangala National Stadium, forced Garuda team lost 0-1, but still winning 3-2 on aggregate.

Another interesting thing is, there is also stated that Arthur Irawan was selected as the best player. and Malaysia as the Fair Play team. While Tibo's top scorer with five goals in the group phase.

In the tournament formerly known as the Tiger Cup of this, Indonesia had never tasted title. They were only able to appear in the final four times, but did not even appear to be the best. It is possible that underlie the emergence of Indonesia prankster who dream can achieve this title in 2012.
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Mark Hughes Praise to Persebaya And Bonekmania

In the pre-season game of counter Persebaya, Queens Park Rangers managed to win by a nose with a score of 2-1. Manager Mark Hughes was cast credit for the fierce resistance Andik Vermansyah cs.

Former Manchester United player is put on collective admiration and individual abilities of the players Persebaya. "They possess the skills and techniques of good and comfortable in possession. I'm sure some of them can compete at a higher level," said Hughes.

QPR players, Hughes admitted, not come up with the best ability. Nevertheless, such a narrow victory helped make Hughes happy. "I am excited about the results tonight, although the team did not play as usual. Our Asia tour is perfect. I am pleased with the quality of our show," he said.

The match was tinged incidents off the lights. In fact, the referee had stopped the match several minutes. However, the incident was not too inviting attention Hughes. The manager just throw compliments at Bonekmania.

"The incident (outage) is unfortunate, but we were more impressed by the exceptional Surabaya fans. It's a very pleasant experience," concluded the former Fulham manager is.

On the other hand, Persebaya Manager, Rivaldo Alves accept this defeat with a positive attitude. He admitted that QPR level is above the team. "They're definitely in a higher level. We are pleased to be able to play up and give a pretty good fight," Alves said.
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Juventus To duo Suarez and Van Persie

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Serie A giants Juventus captain intends menduetkan Arsenal striker Robin van Persie with Liverpool Luis Suarez, as reported by the BBC.
Juve Ingin Duetkan Suarez dan Van Persie
Juve was to strengthen his squad, who successfully ruled the Italian League with the status undefeated last season, and they saw two Premier League stars such as the spearhead of the candidates is ideal.

However, Manchester City and Manchester United also wanted Van Persie, who has indicated that he would not renew his contract with Arsenal. According to reports circulating recently, Arsenal had turned down the offer approximately 15 million pounds raised by the City and Juve for the captain.

The Gunners are believed to fix the price of 25-30 million pounds for Van Persie.

The BBC also reported that Van Persie third enthusiasts club, Juventus, City and United, is ready to double his salary if he is willing to join the strikers. Juventus are believed to offer a salary of about 190,000 pounds/ week which will make it one of the highest paid player in Serie A.

Juventus particular, they expect the possibility of a duet with Suarez could increase the bargaining power of Van Persie.

The club is also hoping that their offer is close to 28 million pounds for Suarez to make Liverpool willing to enter into the negotiation stage.

The problem is, the Reds would not allow the possibility that the Uruguayan star under contract through 2016 it went from Anfield.

Liverpool's new manager Brendan Rodgers to extend the contract Suarez, but until now there has been no formal talks with the new contract related Suarez.
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'CR7 Will Never Equal Level Messi'

For many, the debate about who is best between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will never complete. But not to Diego Maradona, who thinks Messi is much better than CR7.

Since becoming a Real Madrid player in the 2009-2010 season ago, Ronaldo was more often compared to Messi. They both often ordained as the world's two best players in recent years.

Up to Diego Maradona also helped enliven the debate between the two players. Maradona called Messi better than Ronaldo. In fact, he considered, CR7 could never match the level of play Messi.

"Cristiano Ronaldo will never match the level of Lionel Messi. Lionel does not need to do a hard shot like Ronaldo. Messi dribbled just need to arrive at the goal," said Maradona was quoted as saying of Soccerway.

"When Cristiano Ronaldo won the Ballon d'Or, he said to Messi, '(I) no longer is in second place." Now, the silver medal (second place) was his best performance. "

In addition to Ronaldo, Maradona is also often compared the Messiah. Quite often there are a lot of the public to assess the similarity between Messi and scorers 'Hand of God' is. Although not comparable with the likes of Messi, Maradona still said they were proud.

"I do not really like the comparison. However, comparisons with Messi is a wonderful thing. We both rely on the left leg, nationals of Argentina, and brilliant," said Maradona.

Successful 2011-2012 season and Messi scored 79 goals and 29 assists in the entire match with Barcelona. While Ronaldo, 'only' had struck 60 goals plus 15 assists along with Madrid. Even so, Ronaldo managed to excel because success brings Madrid won La Liga.
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Father daughter Shakira Denies Pregnancy

Had circulated the rumor, Shakira was carrying the child of a fabric of romance with Gerard Pique. Pique is also reportedly preparing a mansion to live with the prospective child.

The content Shakiran allegedly has reached the second month. The child's birth was estimated to be realized at the end of this year.

Rumor has it had received a month earlier denials of Shakira. Plus, Shakira's father, William Mebarak also denied the news of her pregnancy. Nevertheless, the father wished to give her granddaughter Shakira in the near future.

"I've heard that some media reported my daughter was pregnant. The news is totally wrong, "said the father told Hello magazine.

"I want to repeat what I said in an interview some time ago. We hope this good news came as soon as possible. We would be pleased if the news is true. But, there's nothing I need confirmation, "he added.

After the 2010 World Cup, Shakira and Pique start rope affair. Dogged by rumors their relationship was not tasty and reportedly broke up in October last year. However, the news was just a rumor.
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Ultras title "Funeral" At Home Headquarters Milan

Improved to protest a wave of AC Milan loyal tifosi. Their unrelenting dissatisfaction catapult the club management measures taken.

Club president Silvio Berlusconi's decision to sell Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva continued criticized Milanisti-Milan-term loyal tifosi. They are angry because both players are considered a major power axis Milan. Moreover, before Milan also has lost several senior players sort Alessandro Nesta, Clarence Seedorf, Gennaro Gattuso, Mark van Bommel and Pippo Inzaghi.

As a result, various forms of protest were often conducted fans. This time, as quoted by Football-Italy on Monday (7/23/2012), Milan Ultras group of fans held a protest in front of the Milan headquarters in Via Turatti.

They staged a theatrical, by making such action at a funeral. They threw flowers and lit candles, as symbol has been "dead" Milan triumph.

This action by a group of fans after just one hour, Milan announced that they will replace the cash purchase ticket. As is known, the Vice President Milan, Adriano Galliani had said it was ready to refund the ticket, if the fans are not satisfied with the policy taken by club management.

Situation getting worse for Milan because in the event the Trofeo Tim against Juventus and Inter Milan, Massimiliano Allegri's squad landing could not talk much. In the triangular tournament, Milan are in order of most distended because not win (two losses).

Silvio Berlusconi himself said to be responding to a wave of protests fans, by posting a message on video in the Milan Channel. Former Italian Prime Minister is reportedly going to reveal his future plans, while ensuring Milan will remain a major force in Italy and Europe.
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New Bayern Munich Away Jersey 2012-2013

Friday, 20 July 2012

The new away jersey Bayern Munich 2012/2013, which is strange because normally a club issued a costume Home, Away they actually spend their costumes.

New Jersey Bayern 2012/13 jersey made by Adidas and will be charged at FCB took Stuttgart this weekend. It's orange kit Bayern officially launched on 27 April 2012.

This new Bayern away shirt is mainly white, but it is striking Adidas stripes orange colored someone's attention. Adidas logo at the top also in orange

Here are some pics of the new Bayern Munich away 2012/13 jersey.

Orange Bayern Kit 2012 2013

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Sexy Girls Showing Real Valladolid New Uniforms

Beautiful and sexy girl featured in the launch of the new uniforms Real Valladolid 2012-2013 season. How far this campaign the club moving in the Spanish league this season?

Real Valladolid is the last club to ensure a ticket to the Spanish League 2012-2013 season. As the third ranking Segunda Division, the certainty of a ticket to the new Primera Division determined in the play-off final. At that time they bend Alcorcon with a 2-1 aggregate.

Be a club named top Pucela return to competition after wallowing in the second division for two years. Expectations were warmed on their ability to survive in the first season in the Primera Division. Moreover, mirror on the season, three clubs promotion (Real Betis, Rayo Vallecano, and Granada) managed to escape from relegation.

Towards the new season, Valladolid did not hesitate to promote their new uniforms with a unique way. Girls beautiful and sexy jersey they are involved in the exhibition, with the kids are cute and adorable.

As a major uniform, Valladolid habits have not changed. They chose the color white and purple vertical. The difference, gegaris the season is not as thin as last season. As a subordinate, chosen white pants.

Meanwhile, for both uniform, the color black was chosen as the base combined with a purple cross. Subordinates in the form of black trousers with a distinctive purple trinkets Valladolid at the end. This uniform is quite different from the uniform away from home last season, which is a combination of black-white-purple.

For the goalie uniform, there are two options. Namely, blue and orange. As a subordinate, the black color of choice throughout the season.

In launching this new uniform, Real Valladolid also do not forget to show off their training uniform next season. Both of which will be used in winter, and during the summer.

The presence of pretty girls in the promotion of these new uniforms Valladolid, may be triggering the spirit of the players. Who knows, they managed to reach maximum performance more than the season ranked fourth in the 1962/1963, their best achievement in the history of La Liga-
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Away Jersey United Season 2012/13

Manchester United released their away jersey for season 2012/13, namely a white top with red trim on the collar and sleeves, black pants and white socks.

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Coming Up Destro Owned Roma

Soon AS Roma will soon get a replacement for Fabio Borini. He was the attacker belonged to Siena and Genoa, Mattia Destro.

Destro transfer to Rome was confirmed directly by the President of Genoa, Gianmario Piscitella, which has a half share of the player. According Piscitella, Destro will officially become a Roma player less in the next 24 hours.

"If there are no constraints, then the transfer Destro will be completed on Saturday (July 21 local time). At the moment I was waiting for news from the club staff regarding the outcome of the meeting about the transfer of Destro. However, it is almost certain," said Piscitella, on the site Genoa's official.

Of rumors circulating in the media Italy, Genoa Destro off the price of 12 million euros to Rome. However, 12 million is broken down in the form of 7 million euros in cash plus half of Gianmario Piscitella stock to be lent for a season to Genoa.
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Arsenal Prepare Proposal To Start Llorente

If Robin van Persie actually leave the Emirates Stadium this summer, Arsenal just like Fernando Llorente as his successor.
Arsenal Mulai Siapkan Proposal Untuk Llorente
Athletic Bilbao forward is at the top of the list if the skipper Arsene Wenger decided to move to another club.

The gaffer himself wanted a quick solution for RVP saga, it's all so time is not wasted and to prepare to meet the Gunners next season.

Sportmail spread the news that Arsenal striker was steeped in the process of transfer of 28 goals last season to package it.

The man who is now 27-year-old had a buy out clause worth 28 million pounds. Money of 20 million plus the sale of RVP will be substituted into this deal.

Llorente is seen The Professor as a player who has the most suitable posture as a target man RVP replacement in the future.

Meanwhile, Arsenal are also hoping it will not sell RVP to their rivals in the EPL, for this reason may Juventus and AC Milan will be at the forefront of accommodating services.
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Arsenal Have Three Candidates Substitute Van Persie

The British press believed, Arsene Wenger is eyeing a three striker Robin van Persie to replace the Dutch if the star is so leave the Emirates this summer.
Arsenal Punya Tiga Kandidat Pengganti Van Persie
Three names on the list of the Arsenal boss was shot Fernando Llorente, Stevan Jovetic, and Robert Lewandowski.

Previously, it was reported that Arsenal have a formal bid for Van Persie duo from Manchester, City and United, as well as the Serie A champions Juventus.

Although the initial offer of around 15 million pounds raised by the three giants of Europe was still far from the desire of Arsenal, which is 25 to 30 million, Wenger ready to face the possibility of Van Persie leave and has been eyeing a number of names to be used as a replacement.

Athletic Bilbao striker Llorente believed to be the right player and has become one of the main considerations Wenger with his scout team.

However, according to the Daily Mail, the Spanish national team personnel is not the only name that is targeted by Wenger. Le Professeur also makes the cutting edge of Borussia Dortmund and Robert Lewandowski Stevan Jovetic as a candidate replacement for the skipper.

Lewandowski himself, who is also a target for Manchester United, has opened a wide possibility of Bundesliga move to England. The Polish striker admitted to having a dream to play in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, the Gunners get the chance Jovetic arguably tricky, because they have to compete with Juventus and Chelsea at the same time make up the price of 30 million Euros, or about 23 million pounds set by Fiorentina for Montenegro is the origin of stars.
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