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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Maghreb Tetouan, Morocco Club What Ever Competed in Spanish League

If there are words "football unites everything", it is certainly shared by the club Atletico Tetuan. Moroccan club experience themselves meaning of these words. The proof, although coming from Morocco, the club never enjoy the thrill of competing in the Spanish League which later regarded as the world's elite leagues. How do I?

Morocco had been a royal colony of Spain. This happened in 1913 until 1956. At that time, the Kingdom of Spain with a name to conjure region Protectorado español de Marruecos. Nearly half a century of occupation by a foreign country, football Morocco getting particular attention in recent years the Spanish empire in the country.

One club had a chance to try out their toughness in the Primera Divisionmusim 1951/1952. They are Atletico Tetuan.

Of course, Atletico Tetuan indirect orders yet to Primera Division. They had two last season in the Segunda Division (second division) Spanish League before going to the top caste.

Playing at the opponent, Tetuan Aletico probably tough when dealing with the clubs level two Spanish. Not so when they are in the Primera Division.

Appeared 30 times, Tetuan only get 19 points. The results of seven wins (at the time the victory was assessed by 2 points), 5 draws and 19 defeats. They scored 51 goals, but terbobol 85 times.

Sitting in the ranking of 16, aka the caretaker, being relegated Atletico Tetuan. They struggled in the Segunda Division and four years later.

After Morocco gained independence in 1956 thanks to the recognition of France and Spain, Atletico Tetuan adventure ended well in the land invaders. The club is split into two parts.

The first, Club Atlético Maghreb based in Tetouan, Morocco. At a later date, the club's full name Maghreb Athletic Tetouan and more often abbreviated to MAT.

The second fraction, remained in Spain. Fraction is then merged with Sociedad Deportiva Ceuta Ceuta to form AD. Yes, this is the club which was reported yesterday Sidomi tengahmenghadapi protests demanding his players salaries unpaid four months.

Now, the MAT (Maghreb Athletic Tetouan) competing in the premier league, called Liga Botola Morocco. Meanwhile, they are ranked second and the right to get tickets to the African Champions League.

Despite competing in the Spanish league it was more by chance occupied, MAT worthy pride in their achievements. Including when to subvert elite club Atletico Madrid 4-1 in the season 1951/1952.

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