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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ajax Amsterdam Football Club Really Jewish?

Israel flag and the flag of the hard-line supporters of the blue David star, Ajax fans loudly chanted "Jew Jew (Joden, Joden!)."

Last few decades have seen a football club Ajax Dutch Jews. Interestingly, history has shown very little Jewish background in Ajax.

According to Uri Coronel, Chief Executive of Ajax (Jewish converts), Ajax was not a Jewish club: "Ajax is a club with very few players and supporters of the Jewish religion. Not a lot of Jews in Ajax. Ajax has the imago was Jewish and a lot of fans who chanted the Jewish, the Jews, but they may not Jewish at all. "

The background shows little relationship with the Jewish community of Ajax. Sports journalist Simon Kuper investigating this case for the writing of his book 'Ajax, the Jews, the Netherlands' (Ajax, De Joden, Netherlands) and did not find any relationship. "Throughout history, Ajax was never a Jewish club. Before World War II, the Amsterdam club is owned by the middle class, his administrators and people who own their own companies. Most Jews are too poor to be a member of Ajax. "

"The base is located at Ajax Amsterdam East, an area where many Jews live. So logically if many of those present in the stands watching the game, among other audiences. The combination is a reflection of the audience Ajax Amsterdam before the outbreak of the beautiful state of war. There are some special Jewish football club in Amsterdam, but Ajax is definitely not one of them.

Resurrection of the Jewish
In World War II, about 75 percent of the population of Jews exterminated by the Nazis in Amsterdam. After the war only a few Jews who looks in the stands Ajax. In the early 70s, the golden age of Ajax arose under the chairmanship of Jaap van Praag. Kuper: "I have the impression that the Jews are left meet each other again at Ajax. Ajax at the time was president of the Jewish, the club masseur, a number of investors and some of the key players is half Jewish. "

According to the president of Ajax, Coronel, the nuances of Ajax Jewish neighborhood in the 70's do not over-interpreted. "Was, indeed most Jews living in Amsterdam, yes of course they are not fans Feyenoord (Rotterdam club, red). Simple wrote: Amsterdam Jews who love it would support the Ajax football. "

Proud secretly
Beginning in 1980, the hooligan was the (then new phenomenon) that is responsible to form the image of Ajax as a Jewish club. Thanks to the passion they chanted loudly. Kuper: "History records that the city of Amsterdam is seen as a Jew, so that Ajax is seen as a Jewish club, so no wonder there are slogans shouted anti-Semitic. Ajax fans and shouts as the characteristic epithet; if people see us as a Jew, well then we are Jews.

Uri Coronel: "I am quietly proud, cool too. I do not mind at all Ajax supporters chanted "we are Jews," although they did not. "He remembered some time ago Ajaxieden, Ajax player, was greeted as a hero in Israel in away games. But there's also a downside: "The identity of these evoke something of the opposite side that I really could not accept. So, I'd prefer it just stopped. "

Hail Hitler
Negative reactions are often heard here and there such a cry as "Ajax-Super-Jewish Jew. "Or gusts of" Sssshh .. "from supporters opponent which associates with rooms gas from the PD-II. The newest and being popular is "Hamas, Hamas, Jews gassed."

As the leader of Ajax, Coronel also have full hearing of such slogans. "Early in the 90's we've had greeted fence Feyenoord fans who impersonated Hitler greeting gesture throughout our bus entered the Kuip stadium. FC Utrecht in the spirit of the masses chanted "Death to you Jews." In the last season the players have the ADO Den Haag berceletuk "Jew bastard!" In the locker room. Remarks-remarks that did not mean to be anti-Semitic, but it still sounded uncomfortable in the ears of the Jews.

Recently Ajax, ADO Den Haag and the KNVB (Dutch Football Association), has agreed plans to make a serious action against the actions offensive and discriminatory. Film footage of home games ADO Den Haag trigger the issuance of the plan. Supporters, members of the board and the players, after a win over Ajax, together sang "We will hunt down the Jews."

Ajax chairman, Coronel, very doubtful the plan would put an end to offensive chants for the Jews. "That will only end when there are strict laws with harsh penalties, where people who violate banned from entering the stadium for 10 years. New deh then probably cry over. "
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