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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Know What It's Boxing Day

While almost all the teams had the Christmas holidays and New Year, Premier League competition just rolling on December 26, or commonly called the Boxing Day match. You know, why the match that took place just one day after Christmas is called Boxing Day?

Long before the Premier League competition was held, the British public generally has come to know Boxing Day. Historically, the Boxing Day start was popularized in the mid-19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria. Previously, this celebration is devoted to the lower class people (servants) are for one year to serve the employer.

After serving the employer on the day of Christmas, the next day the servants get time off plus receive a variety of gifts at that time generally rectangular-shaped box (boxes-red) are given their employers. Gifts are varied, can be clothing, food, fruits or even money.

Tradition is then familiarly called Boxing Day (Day of the division of the gift box). In some parts of the country like New Zealand, Britain, Australia and Canada, the celebration is also familiarly called Stephens Day.

The original tradition of the United Countries of origin This is still maintained. However, over the times, even this tradition slightly shifted, but still has the same meaning. For example, many churches now take advantage of the moment Boxing Day as a day to distribute the donations to the poor.

In the UK, Boxing Day is also celebrated by gathering with family, friends, exchanging gifts, or even together to watch a football game. In today's offices are generally closed, but stores like a mall to stay open and sell gift items are of course at a discounted price.

So also in football, Boxing Day is not celebrated by dividing the money, clothes or even a ball. However, the British public still hold the match on the day after Christmas with the same intent.

Each contestant in the Premiership is generally compete to give gifts in the form of victory for his supporters. Therefore, in the event later on Boxing Day Premier League competition will keep rolling. Where all the teams will undergo mempersempahkan match gifts to be a victory for fans.

In some countries, the football competition will holiday at Christmas. However, in the UK and some Commonwealth countries, it will play, precisely the day after Christmas. Day on December 26, it is called Boxing Day.

For the people of England, and this very special holiday. So, they use it to party, shop, or watch a show they like. Then, on Boxing Day, should still be playing football. If not, then the people can protest. Therefore, football has become part of the entertainment and tours mandatory for most Britons.

Only, the Football Federation (FA) to make a schedule so neat. Special match on Boxing Day, arranged side being neighborly, or the distance is not too far away. Thus, fans and the team not to travel too far away and so did not waste time on this special day. However, not all parties engage two adjacent teams.

Why is called Boxing Day? This is not boxing day, nor the day box. However, the name was long and mentradisi long ago, is expected to emerge in the Middle Ages.

There are several versions of the information. On December 26, the day on which the British people give each other a gift or gifts are wrapped in a box. Therefore, on December 26th is called Boxing Day.

There are other explanations that say, this tradition appears in the early Christian era. At that time, a metal box placed in front of the church to collect donations.

However, in England, this tradition appears when the barons and nobles to give a holiday to the slaves and servants on December 26. They were given the opportunity to visit his family. Respective servants or slaves were given a box containing a gift or bonus. For this reason, then comes the tradition of giving gifts on December 26 and later was named Boxing Day.

Even so, Boxing Day can be different interpretations in each country. To be sure, in the UK this special day, until the football must still compete.

Boxing Day has also developed into a tradition of massive spending in the United Kingdom. Because, on that day, nearly every store offering a massive discount as well. Thus, in addition to the stadium, on that day the British public will also flock to the shopping center.

The myth of "Boxing Day": Past and Today

December 26, the day is eagerly awaited by the citizens of the world are incorporated in the Commonwealth countries, such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. The day was known as "Boxing Day" which is a national holiday. Historically, Boxing Day was originally just a traditional celebration in the Middle Ages, which is culturally at that time everyone moved to give a gift wrapped in a box (box) to the workers, poor people and social groups in the classroom below.

As the times, the tradition of "Boxing Day" is changed from the roots of its history. In Canada, where I live today, Boxing Day can be regarded as the greatest day of the annual discount. Why not, when this day comes all the supermarkets and electronics stores lower the price of the cheapest, such as Future Shop, Best Buy, wallmart, The Source. Similarly, other small outlets. Various advertisements and promotions displayed and distributed to everyone. Other forms of promotion by "Boxing Day Sale", "Boxing Week Sale", "Crasher Shop", "Amazing Price" also helped lure consumers to hunt the groceries.

Not only that, the pembelipun willing to queue for hours. Exist even among those who began lining up at 6 am, when the store will open at 1 pm. I am also including a line from the start at 10, in order to buy Canon, Digital Camera 10 MP Super Shoot.

Other countries such as Britain, the celebration of "Boxing Day" is also experiencing significant cultural change. Even better known as Boxing Day as a day there exercise. In fact in the history of England, each dated December 26 was a day where people do traditional fox hunting (fox hunting). Hunting tradition has now been transformed into a tradition of football, horse racing and cricket. For that reason, no wonder football in Boxing Day is really in the spotlight all the people, even the media there is a massive publish any goalscorer in the Premier League and the winners on December 26. This signifies that the day is really not just a myth, but also a lucky day for everyone.

Holiday does have significance for those who celebrate it. As the times and culture, change the values ​​embodied in those days back also can not be avoided. Such is the history, sometimes persist and there is also a need to change, as the tradition of "Boxing Day".
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