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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Paulino Alcantara, "Lionel Messi First 'In Barcelona

Unless you live on another planet and are new to Barcelona in the last three years, you must know either the name of Paulino Alcantara. Seconds ahead of Lionel Messi determination overtook Cesar Rodriguez as Barcelona's top scorer in official matches of all time, no one we talk about the figure of Alcantara, which is the top scorer "true" El Barca since the club was established.

Cesar Rodriguez was holding the reins of leadership Blaugrana scorer with 235 goals. However, Paulino Alcantara who was born on October 7, 1896 122 able to score more goals. Yes, Alcantara package recorded 357 goals in 357 appearances. Unfortunately, 215 goals scored in matches among non-official.

Paulino Alcantara, who has a Filipino mother and father of the Spanish army, started a love affair with El Barca in 1909. Alcantara was then only able to watch the Barca game with great anticipation. Age of less than 13 years and wishes of parents who do not want the child to spend serious energy to play ball, could enliven the heart of the best strikers Barcelona.

However, the fate of another talk. Not a coincidence that, in Alcantara family's move to Spain that year coincided with the establishment of El Barca by Joan Gamper in 1899. Alcantara was sent by God to the Catalan as to serve as the "god" first Catalan. His talent was discovered by the club's founder, Joan Gamper, when playing at FC Galeno.

Alcantara also made his debut for Barca at a very young age: 15 years, 4 months and 18 days. At that time, Barca face in Campionat SC Catala de Catalunya on February 25, 1912, or 100 years before today -. Barca won 9-0 and scored three first Alcantara his new club.

Paulino Alcantara who described Lionel Messi petite with dark skin, then scored to goals for Barca. In addition to 215 goals in a friendly, Alcantara also contributed 5 goals in the Spanish Cup, opponents found the net 98 times in the Catalonian Championship, 35 in the Spanish Championship, Cup 3 goals in the Pyrenees and the last one in the Copa Barcelona.

Had the Spanish Liga starts more quickly 9 years, with the game as much as the modern era, perhaps we'll see deretang Alcantara goal is aligned with Messi, Laszlo Kubala, or Cesar Rodriguez.

A unique, the Messiah First, not only deals in football. He could not deny her true calling as a doctor.

Now, 100 years have passed since the debut of Alcantara, Lionel Messi as the messianic was meant as a substitute. Almost certainly, this season, Messi will be "aligned" with Alcantara. If Paulino Alcantara Barcelona's top scorer in all matches (including friendship), 14 goals again Messi will be Barca's top scorer of all time in official competition.
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