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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

13 Sexy Girls Crystal Palace Promote Tickets

Many ways to do a club for the party season tickets sell cage. One of the unique campaign launched by the English club, Crystal Palace. "The Eagles" using the women cheerleaders!

A total of 13 cheerleaders promote season tickets Crystal Palace Selhurst Park Stadium, headquarters Palace, via video lasted about three minutes. The women are dressed in sexy bikini patterned with just using "The Eagles".

In the video, the cheerleaders and then sang the song "Call Me Maybe" popularized by Carly Rae Jepsen. Nothing special lyrics that tell the fans to buy season tickets Palace. However, the marketing of "The Eagles" use the whole point of Selhurst Park Stadium for the campaign.

Not known season-ticket sales growth Palace pascapenayangan promotional video. But, what do "The Eagles" seems quite successful with promotional video watched by more than 1 million people via YouTube. Possibly, by using the cheerleaders, loyal audience Selhurst Park Stadium is not just coming from the Palace fans, but other clubs around the City of London.

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