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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Real Madrid Match Yourself During Ramadan

Los Blancos midfielder Sami Khedira trying to adjust to during Ramadan. Tunisia's descent player since childhood had Islamic education from his family. Just like his Mezut Ozil, Khedira did not do the fasting of Ramadan in full when the last Spanish La Liga.

The German national team players did not want to lie because the demands of the job is quite heavy. Practice and game schedules are tight at times exhausting. Therefore, if you force yourself to fast then it could be counterproductive.

Actually, when I was playing in the Bundesliga strengthen VfB Stuttgart, Khedira always fasted during Ramadan. But again sometimes Sometimes she insists she did not fast.

"A Muslim should fast for 30 days from sunrise to sink," he said. "But I am a competitive athlete, I need my strength, that I might not get no food," added Khedira.

Apparently the decision was supported by the German Council of Muslims in Indonesia or MUI kind. Through his fatwa, the Council of Muslims in Germany Muslims allowed professional football players for not fasting in Ramadan. The goal is that performance on the field did not decrease.

That way, the club had to pay dearly not harmed by the player can not perform optimally because of not having power. But it is obligatory for them to replace the other day.
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