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Monday, 9 July 2012

So Persepar Carving History First Division champions

Palangkaraya Persepar finally won First Division 2011-2012 after a successful draw against FC Pro Duta 0-0. In a match at the Stadium The starling Harupat, Soreang, Bandung, Thursday (5/7) afternoon, Persepar champion since reaching its highest point, namely 4. While Pro Duta won two points, and Perseman Manokwari only get 1 point.
Persepar Ukir Sejarah Jadi Juara Divisi Utama
This victory is a pleasure for Persepar history. Because, in the four previous seasons the team was struggling in Division 1. Later in the season made it into the First Division campaign. Quite a season for the care team Agus Sutyono to reach the highest caste in the football ground water.

These champions fanfare greeted the players Persepar after referee blew the whistle Nopendri marks the end of the game. They have torn joy. Even Roberto Kwateh spearheading the team directly from this Palangkaraya take her clothes off. He ran toward the players bench Persepar. They greeted him with joy.

The game itself is quite a draw. In the second half the team to do more exploratory in midfield. Occasionally a puncture to the heart of the defense. But the golden opportunity had not occurred.

Opportunities created when Ibi Kingsly began shooting distance on 23 minutes. But the ball was on the goal of Pro Duta. Two minutes later the Ambassador Pro player, Abdul Majid Mony lying in the middle of the field due to collisions with two players Persepar. He had to be stretchered out.

Not for a while, Heri Irwansyah getting feedback from Arif Sajali left wing, winger Pro Duta. Heri who lives Persepar goalkeeper failed to deal with chipped the ball into the goal. The ball just on the thin side Lendi Kewas goal.

Conversely, several times Persepar attacks still failed in the defense sector Pro Duta. On 39 minutes created a golden opportunity for the team nicknamed the horse Pegasus, Pro Duta designations. Arif Sajali separated from the convoy defender Persepar. He is already in front of the opponent's goal but the ball still trying mencocor also deviated side of the net.

In the second half, replacing Pro Duta, Heri Museng Irwansyah with Irvin. Wing kick 50 minutes released Irvin Museng still failed and the ball caught goalkeeper Lendi Kewas. While in the 55th minute, the feed from the wing to Rahmat Hidayat Sajali Arif also failed Persepar settled in front of goal.

In the mid-second round, 58 minutes, Abdel Hadi Muhammad Rifqi Lakkad coming on. Pro Duta game even more offensive. On 60 minutes to feed Lakkad Rahmat Hidayat disundulnya. But again the ball just to the side of the net.

Golden opportunity occurred when Ahmad Faizal Persepar from the left wing was in the box 16. He fired a shot straight at the goalkeeper. But the Pro Duta goalkeeper managed to block it Hananta Yudha and throw the ball back to midfield.

About 10 minutes ahead of dispersal, more Persepar survive. In contrast, the hunt for victory Pro Duta quite eager to press and hold the defense Persepar. Unfortunately, until the second half after the score remained 0-0. (*)


Persepar: Lendi Kewas (g), Oyedepo Oyeboge, Imam Sahid, Ade Gombo / Dwi Rohmad Adi 88 ', Rudi ONU, Ibi Kingsly Collins (KK 8'), Hendra Panambunan (KK 33 '), Widianto (c), Dimas Pongky (44 ') / Bayu Sunarto 77', Roberto Kwateh, Ahmad Faizal / Ilham Jaya Kusuma 70 '
Coach: Agus Sutyono

Pro Ambassadors FC: Yudha Hananta (g), Hardiansyah Lubis, Saralim Sowahu (KK 84 '), Muhammad Rifqi / Abdel Hadi Lakkad 58', Nur Adli M, Abdul Majid KK Mony 34 '), Faisal Azmi, Francisco Javier Perez (c ), Hery Irwansyah / Irivin Museng 46 ', Rahmat Hidayat (KK 47') / Bambang Harianto, Arif Sajali (KK 80 ')
Coach: Roberto Bianchi

Final Standings First Division Final Round 2011-2012
Persepar 2 1 1 0 1-0 4
Pro Duta FC 2 0 2 0 1-1 2
Perseman 2 0 1 1 1-2 1
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