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Monday, 9 July 2012

Pamekasan Madura United Results History

There has never been any football club from the island of Madura are managed through the top level, since the First Division of the United, Galatama to Indonesia Super League (ISL). But Persepam Madura United is able to realize that dream, by stepping into the ISL next season.
Indriyanto Nugroho - Persipam Madura (
Certainty of success obtained when they beat PSIM Jogjakarta with the score 1-0 in the third place playoff finals League First Division PT Indonesia (PT LI), which took place at Manahan Stadium Solo, Sunday (8/7) yesterday. The only goal scored by the team nicknamed the Warriors Sape Often it is scored by midfielders, Ansori, in the 63rd minute.

And the success of Madura Persepam United (MU-P) to qualify for ISL was greeted immediately by a number of supporters. No exception, the Regents Pamekasan Rahman and KH Khoirul Qosasih Achsanul Team Manager.

"This is a new history for the island of Madura, who now has a club that competed at the highest caste football competition Indonesia. This success is thanks to the support from all walks of Madura, "said Achsanul Qosasih

Achsanul further explained, to compete in the ISL competition next season, P-MU will prepare myself as best as possible, including evaluating the players that exist today and are qualified to sign foreign players.

"Of course, all must be qualified and professional. We not only want to just ride through it on the ISL later, "he explained.

On the other hand, the presence of euphoria is the four districts in Madura island will compete to make the stadium. The success of Manchester United qualified for the P-ISL, this time not only the pride of the community Pamekasan, but also the whole society on the island of Madura.

"P-MU merupaksan only club, which is supported by four districts in Madura. Later, four counties will build the stadium and they will take turns to host the current P-MU diving cage fight, "said Achsanul.

Meanwhile, the Regent Pamekasan Khoirul KH Rahman said the success of the P-ISL MU competed in the competition this is a long history. Where they succeeded in realizing the dream become a reality.

"Now we've had about 80 thousand fans, and we guarantee every P-Manchester United game on the island of Madura would be a full stadium. Euphoria is expected to attract the interest of investors, to be a sponsor for our team, "said KH Khoirul Rahman.

While the P-MU coach Winedy Purwito, said he was satisfied and proud to offer the best performance for football Madura. For the first time in history, able to compete in football Madura ISL highest caste.

"This cooperation of all parties. We are very grateful to the players, who are not discouraged to continue looking for the victory. Thank God we were able to hold it well," said Winedy Purwito.

In accordance with the provisions of the LI as the operator PT ISL competition, rank or title of one to three First Division will direct promotions, replaces the rank-16, to-17-18 and the current ISL. While the four First Division champions, in this case PSIM Jogjakarta, will play game play-off encounter ranked 15th in the final standings ISL.
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