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Barcelona Release Calendar Year 2013

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Year's Eve 2013, a Barcelona fan club released the official calendar of the ordinary, using sexy women as the main model.

If the general knick-knacks Los Blaugrana club using images of stars like Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez or Andres Iniesta, it did not happen for next year.

In the calendar, it seems a young woman who only uses lingerie naked, posing with the flag attribute Barca as cover their bodies.

Various styles that accentuate curves erotic femininity, there is on each page to the amount of 12, according to a matter of months in the year of our Lord.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the Barca fans who released this erotic calendar, hopes to raise considerable funds from the sale.

Based on the recognition element Barcelonistas, all proceeds will be donated to a charity, to those who need financial help.

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Away Costume Singapore in the AFF Cup 2012

Monday, 19 November 2012

Football Federation of Singapore (FAS) and Nike, launched the costume away Singapore for AFF Cup 2012. The blue color is the basis of their away costumes and light blue at the end of the arm.

Having previously launched the cage costume with a red base color, costume away now also been launched. The model home and away same costume, the only difference being the color alone. The combination of blue and light blue Nike choice, for the costume away team is nicknamed The Lions. Nike logo remains in the player right chest and Singapore flag on one side.

The materials used to make these costumes come from 100 percent recycled polyester material, and several other supporting material. Costume is constructed using Dri-Fit technology, lighter 20 percent stronger than the previous costume. There was also a laser-cut ventilation, which is useful to maintain the body temperature of the player when playing.

The reasons for choosing the color blue, because Singapore is a country surrounded by sea. It also considers the history of their costumes in the 1970's to the 1980's, which use blue. The price of a costume is 89 Singapore dollars.
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Mesut Oezil condemns Israeli attack on Gaza and Palestinians Freed Request

Israeli military attacks blindly cause many casualties. The news that the Zionist missile attack aimed at children and women is not nonsense. As evidence, many deaths from among adolescents.
Mesut Oezil: Bebaskan Palestina!
Conditions that make many people sad, not least Mesut Oezil. Real Madrid midfielder seemed concerned about the deaths of children who were playing football in the street. For some reason, when he's playing Israeli fighter jet crashed and killed the boy.

That makes penggawa der Panzer's sad is that the victim was wearing a shirt of Los Blancos back number 23. Although official numbers Oezil back in Madrid is 10, but the photo was able thrilled him. Oezil download photos through his Instagram account, officialmesutozil10.

In the photo it looks the boy's death was mourned his friend were watching it. Wearing a turban, he did not have time to close his eyes and his mouth is still gaping. In the other photo, visible blood and Madrid shirt worn mostly burn victims.

"RIP (Rest in peace) to all the innocent victims, I'm praying for you. # # FreePalestine FreeGaza "said Oezil.

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Apparently Photos Lionel Messi "Free Palestine" False

But who would have thought that the news of Messi gives support to the Palestinian news HOAX it is only because its message is based on the image (which he) caught on camera holding a T-shirt that reads (Save) Free Palestine which is actually modified.

these photos are indeed a lot of outstanding and in-reposting by many people who have a sentimental towards a football club that sorta-kinda personal, but do not understand the digital world.

Besides rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo, whose name has been listed as one of the football players are real or real support for the Palestinians is also a trigger Messi fans seemed to not want to lose to the star as a supporter of the Palestinians so as to make fake photos and make Hoax news in cyberspace .
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Palestinian President: Madrid Hopefully Achievement

Evidence of Real Madrid has a special relationship with Palestine is not nonsense. In addition to the assistance provided to the citizens of Cristiano Ronaldo and his visit to the Gaza Strip Palestinians, Madrid is also open to the Palestinian government.

In honor of the Palestinian struggle against the Zionist occupation, they had invited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas came to the Santiago Bernabeu in July last year. He came to the Bernabeu was accompanied by the President of the Palestinian Football Federation Jebril Rajoub.

In a video uploaded to Youtube titled "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visits the Bernabeu" looks official Madrid looked proudly explains in detail the various things about the club. Abbas specially invited to visit and tour the stadium that became the headquarters of Madrid.

Abbas invited to tour the hall and dressing store where the staff club trophy in the stadium complex. Indicated he did not miss the club to see a list of legendary players that can contribute a lot of trophies.

As against the provision jersey Barcelona to Israeli President Simon Peres, Madrid also do the same to Abbas. Madrid gave a special uniform back number one bearing the name of the number one in Palestine.

Honor given Los Blancos other is to give Abbas a chance to kick the ball in the middle of the field Bernabeu.

"It's a fantastic feeling and can not be trusted to be invited and around the stadium," said Abbas told Real Madrid TV.Tidak forget, Abbas pray Madrid could be the world's best club. That's because the most successful club in Spain is much to support the Palestinian cause. "I expect the club to be successful accomplishment," he said.
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Support Palestine, Israel criticized Cristiano Ronaldo

In contrast to Barcelona have proximity to Israel, Real Madrid instead chose to close with Palestine. Not only is the club's policy is shown, attitude Los Blancos player too.

The most striking are the steps taken by the world's most expensive player Cristiano Ronaldo. Stars Seleccao western media have labeled arrogant nature turns out to have a noble heart.

Former Manchester United striker penggawa with full sincerity giving gold shoes she won the 2011 season for the club's charities. It was done the player nicknamed CR7 was to help the children of Palestine.

Page Qodsna reported late last year, the charity auction Real Madrid Ronaldo's golden boot belonging to 1.4 million euros alias of Rp 16.77 billion. The money from the auction were donated to build several schools were destroyed along the Gaza Gaza.Dukungan World Player in 2008, it did not stop there.

Previously when was with the Red Devil team, in an event Ronaldo.mengenakan kafiyeh aka Palestinian scarf. His actions got intense criticism of Zionist lobbies and western media. Some western media affiliated with the Jews as hostile and imaged all ills.

But there are also some British media called Ronaldo's actions as a form of humanity. He showed concern and solidarity with the Palestinian crisis and the residents of the Gaza Strip. Ronaldo is said to have directly visited Palesrina occupied lands in 2007 and 2005.

There he was greeted joyfully by the Palestinians and got an escort. But again criticized Ronaldo media whose owners support the Zionist government policy.

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Wrong Passport, Fabregas forced at Airport

Basic sloppy. The decent burst addressed to Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas when he arrived at Moscow airport with his team ahead Matchday 5 Group G Champions League against Spartak Moscow.

Fabregas was forced to stay at the airport because his passport behind and no immigration allowed Russia to get out of the airport to complete immigration documentation.

As reported by, the former Arsenal captain was apparently one carrying a passport. Fabregas does have two passports and carrying passports that have not received a visa from the Russian Federation.

As a result, a man of 25 years should bite the fingers to see his teammates breezed seamlessly into the hotel while he had settled for a while at the airport by immigration documentation thoroughly.
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Not Respect Heroes, James McClean Sunderland Threatened Player Killed

Sunderland midfielder James McClean, getting death threats for not wearing a poppy emblem as a mark for the services of British war veterans, while competing against Everton in the continuation of weeks-12 Premier League on Saturday (11/10/2012).

The threat came from someone claiming to be a former British soldier, Cody Lachey. In his Twitter account, his rifle upload photos with the message, "Bullets poppy, the threat of death for James McClean! He really deserves to be shot dead and his body dragged to a memorial for the dead. "

McClean was the only player who was not wearing a flower in the Premier League. When Sunderland beat Fulham 3-1, Sunday (11/18/2012), 23-year-old Irish midfielder was also had supporters cheered on "The Black Cats" when it comes on for Sebastian Larsson in the 70th minute.

"James will deal with it. This may be related to the issue last week (when he was not wearing a poppy symbol). It is indeed an option. James had the life experience of many things, "said Sunderland coach Martin O'Neil, scorn fans respond to McClean.

Lachey itself has been inspected by the local police for his actions. However, although deeply upset, 29-year-old man from Manchester was revealed did not make direct contact with it threat-related McClean.

"However, I can not be responsible for what others have done to him later. I knew this would end up in a problem and probably in jail. So, I'm ready to go to court, "says Lachey.

Lachey current Twitter account has been disabled after the Sunderland camp reported the threat to police.
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At Journalists, Montpellier defender Cyril Jeunechamp Threatened Sanctions

Montpellier consider sanctions against their wing defender, Cyril Jeunechamp after slapping a reporter concerned.
Cyril jeunechamp Montpellier (portrait only)
The incident occurred after Montpellier drew 1-1 at Valenciennes last weekend.

Jeunechamps could be carried away after an argument occurred between a reporter L'Equipe with a number of players Montpellier regard to one article written in the French newspaper.

"Regarding the incident, involving Cyril Jeunechamp, Montpellier want to apologize to the reporter from L'Equipe," the official statement the club.

"The club is firmly opposed to such a harsh attitude and would consider sanctions."
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Grab the Golden Ball Award Trophy, Neto Shocked

Dovenir stunning looks Domingues Neto at the World Cup 2012 in Thailand Futsal rewarded accordingly. Not only brhasil bringing Brazil the title, the Golden Ball trophy had been won the 31-year-old man.
Dovenir Domingues Neto (Getty Images)
The success can not be separated due to notch seven goals during the tournament was held. Although beposisi as a defender, Neto shows each dealing with a predatory instinct of the opponent's goal. Two winning goal was scored by a player who has been successful twice participated in the World Cup Futsal it.

"Yes, very surprising (won the Golden Ball) because I'm a defender and the defender is less likely to receive the award. I'm glad to see Kike (Spanish players) are also on the list and there are two defenders who completes the top three. Winning this award is far beyond I imagine any ambition. This is both a best day of my life, "said the player numbered 11 it.

Under the Net, was entrenched pillar of the Spanish national team, Kike who won Silver Ball trophy. Captain La Furia Roja was also selected by the FIFA Technical Study Group and representatives of the media accreditation ciamik appearance until the final blessing. He also managed to amaze many thanks to the ability verastilitas good as any defender attacker. slick ability to read the game was made ​​he never abandoned by coach venacio Lopez in the main squad.

"For me, all the individual titles are representative of the collective., And for me it represents the appearance of the whole team," says Kike trying to be modest. (irawan)

Awards indvidu Futsal World Cup 2012:
adidas Golden Ball: Neto (Brazil)
adidas Silver Ball: Kike (Spain)
adidas Bronze Ball: Ricardinho (Portugal)

adidas Golden Boot: Eder Lima (Russia)
adidas Silver Boot: Rodolfo Fortino (Italy)
adidas Bronze Boot: Fernandinho (Brazil)

adidas Golden Glove: Stefano Mammarella (Italy)

FIFA Fair Play Award: Argentina

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Most League champions Brazil Palmeiras Degraded

Palmeiras finally had to accept the fate of the Campeonato Brasileiro degraded, the highest division Brazilian league, after a 1-1 draw with Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday (18/11). Only victory in this game that will be able to extend the visitors' breath to survive in the Brasileiro. Unfortunately, it can not be realized troops Gilson Kleina care.
Bus tim Palmeiras dikawal oleh polisi selama perjalanan pulang ke Sao Paulo. (Foto: Dok. Globoesporte)
The Alviverde actually had superior first thanks to goals from Vinicius in the 63rd minute. However, the former CSKA Moskva, Vagner Love, presents a nightmare for Palmeiras with a goal one minute ahead of the end of normal time.

Failure to beat Flamengo simply means they have to rely on the results of the match Ian, between Portuguesa against Gremio. It's just 2.5 hours later, hope Palmeiras finally dashed. Because Portuguesa 2-2 draw with Gremio, Palmeiras no longer possible to make the pursuit of points to save themselves from relegation.

It is certainly painful for the team as Palmeiras. Nothing, status as most collectors Brasileiro title still belongs to The Alviverde. The club has won eight titles, becoming the most common Santos.

"Have you ever attended a funeral? That's what happened after the game," said coach Kleina when other teams await the final results that determine the fate of his team.

Came home with pain from Rio de Janeiro, Palmeiras also have to face the disappointment of the fans. In fact, the team bus containing Palmerias must be guarded police squad during a trip back to Sao Paulo.

Palmeiras finally Figueirense and Atletico GO following the confirmed down caste first. Meanwhile, the threat of relegation still leaves one spot. Therefore, the Brazilian League put four teams in the relegation zone all season.
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Brazilian Futsal Champion Defend Title

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Through perpanjagan half time, Brazil successfully defended the title of their fifth Futsal World Cup. With a 3-2 win over Spain on Sunday (18/11) in Bangkok, Thailand.

As reported by AFP, the Spanish team initially successful Brazilian team ahead by two goals. Each of Aicardo Collantes and Jordi Torras

But in the end remains the mainstay of Brazilian players in the second half, Alessandro Falcao, managed to balance the acquisition of the Spanish team score. Where the goal was overpowering the Spanish team that seemed to have first looked at the victory.

Falcao goal was eventually forced the match to be forwarded to the extra period. In this chapter
Domingues Neto, as a hero by his second as well established as defending champions Brazil.

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Tevez celebration Mysteries Revealed

Carlos Tevez celebrates his double against Aston Villa in a unique way. Argentina's striker sat on the sidelines while pretending to drive a car.
Misteri Selebrasi Tevez Terungkap
Apparently Tevez purposeful with celebrations that. Tevez intends to convey the message that he did not feel the loss even though the new car confiscated by the police.

The car in question is worth 1.7 billion Porsche forcibly transported by the police last week. Tevez charged with driving without a valid driver's license in the UK streets.

He stopped in the street by police, authorities brought his car left the road and Tevez. Players bengal was eventually picked up by his wife's home.

Tevez actually have an international driver's license, but UK law requires Tevez to have a local sim. Parties Manchester City reportedly intervened directly to help resolve this issue as well as take care of SIM England for Tevez.
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Al Ahly African Champions League Champion Seven Times

Al Ahly are able to package a 2-1 win over defending champions Esperance in the second leg African Champions League final on Saturday (17/11) local time, while ensuring their title for the seventh time during the tournament.
Hossam Ghaly, ahly, Sayed moawad, sherif abd el fadel and emad motaeb - حسام غالي - قائد الأهلي المصري
In the first game the two teams played equally strong 1-1 so Al Ahly 3-2 on aggregate. This victory not only puts more as a collector's Al Ahly African Champions League title ever in the history, but also provide entertainment on the situation of Egyptian football is still uncertain. Continuing the Egyptian domestic league Undecided Port Said Stadium following the unrest that killed 74 people in February.

Sanctions due to accumulated cards and injuries, Esperance-strength tattered. Tunisia was the home team defensive play throughout the first half although able to obtain a number of opportunities. Their goal eventually collapse as well two minutes before halftime after Gedo completed the hard work Hamdy Al Sayed from the left wing.

61 minutes, Al Ahly two-goal lead. Escaped from the escort Mohamed Ben Mansour, Walid Soliman without error the goalkeeper Moez Ben Cherifia and netted the ball into the empty goal. Esperance had risen when Yannick N'djeng score a goal six minutes before the end of normal time.

It took two more goals to retain the title, even almost returning Esperance suffer when suffering a penalty conceded at the end of the game following a foul on Dominique Da Silva. Ben Cherifia able to confront the execution of Mohamed Aboutrika, but still not able to save Al Ahly held the title when the long whistle sounded.

Thus Al Ahly will be African representatives for the Club World Cup in Japan next month.
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False Nine of Into the Future

At Euro 2012 and then, the public was astonished when the Spanish squad cons Italy reported. None of the typical pure striker Vicente del Bosque reduced. In fact, the list of players La Furia Roja entrenched such a goal-hungry striker Fernando Torres, Fernando Llorente and Alvaro Negredo.
Matthias Sindelar (Foto:
Verdict entrenador the sweet fruit. Duet central defender opponents dither because the flow of the ball Xavi Hernandez et al getting hard to guess. Spain breezed into the finals and conquered Italy. The word "innovation" and then sticking.

Indeed, Spain is not the first team to use a false nine formulations. Attackers Austria mid-1930s, Matthias Sindelar became the first performer. Nine false formulation continues to demonstrate the existence until the modern era of football.

Actor Nine Nine False

1. Matthias Sindelar

Coach Hugo Meisl introduced the 2-3-2-3 formation (WW) Austrian national team. The captain, Matthias Sindelar the diving task main attacker.

Sindelar movement itself is quite dynamic and often dropped into midfield. Because creativity and ability to create chances, he then dubbed "The Mozart of Football". At the end of an international career, a record 27 goals from 43 matches coloring curriculum vitae of the player. Quite productive.

2. Nandor Hidegkuti

With a 4-2-4 formation, silencing the Hungarian Olympic champions with an unbeaten record over the past three years, the British public Wembley on 25 November 1953. Ahead of the game, the spotlight would be on Ferenc Puskas, who fills one of four strikers post.

Only, the light actually overshadow Nandor Hidegkuti. Hidegkuti unique position behold. He is a player who wore jersey number nine, but it stands on two midfielders scheme. Not just preparing attack patterns, Hidegkuti merengsek often rise to the penalty box. Not surprisingly, achieved a score hat-trick in this match.

3. Johan Cruyff

Kala discussing false nine role, often forgotten figure of Johan Cruyff. In fact, in a 1-3-3-3 formation style of Rinus Michels, Cruyff represents formula. He is the translator of the philosophy of Total Football, Ajax Amsterdam and the Dutch national team.

In the old system, Cruyff not only stands as the main striker. Movement often dilated or exchange with the central midfielder Johan Neeskens. With the movement of Cruyff and Neeskens guess, other Dutch players were complementary space as usual strategy of Total Football.

4. Dennis Bergkamp

After Johan Cruyff, the Dutch re-birth support striker nan genius. He is Dennis Bergkamp. Style of play striker nicknamed The Non-Flying Dutchman is also similar to Cruyff.

So, why mention false nine worthy pinned on Bergkamp? Like the number 10 player, Bergkamp was on duty as a waitress Thierry Henry. However, in truth there is no main striker role in the scheme of Arsene Wenger. Henry gives more shock treatment of the wings, while Bergkamp also frequently drops down to pick up the ball. Task goalscorer and also acted as a waiter.

5. Francesco Totti

Luciano Spaletti is one of the coaches figure reintroduce formula false nine in the modern football era. Because striker crisis in 2006, he applied the 4-1-4-1 formation for AS Roma. Il Capitano, Francesco Totti stood alone as the spearhead.

Intelligence makes it easier in a Totti open space and create chances. Not just serving, Totti also managed to fulfill his duties as a source of goals I Giallorossi. In total, he recorded 26 goals at the end of the Serie A season.

6. Carlos Tevez

Formula endless false nine Champions League trophy in 2008 for Manchester United. Not the Wayne Rooney nor Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez but so pelakonnya.

With morale more striking than Ronaldo and Rooney, Tevez presence as the main striker even more dominant as a waiter. As a result, the scenario is not uncommon. Contribution is dominated by one goal heading winger, Cristiano Ronaldo filled. At the end of the season, recorded 42 goals Ronaldo.

7. Lionel Messi

Champions League Final 2009, started as a performer Messi false nine. At that time, Pep Guardiola Messi commissioned as a center forward, but often pick up the ball to midfield. While the main goal getter, Samuel Eto'o actually instructed to comb the right side.

Proven sniper, both players managed to break Manchester United's goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar kept. In fact, Messi scored born through an unusual process for a false nine. He welcomes feedback gastric Xavi Hernandez with a header of his head.

8. Robin van Persie

Formula nine false start sampled van Persie playing for Arsenal in the 2009-10 season. Manager Arsene Wenger's 4-3-3 scheme implemented by postal striker Nicklas Bendtner filled. When the decline in Performance shown Bendtner, van Persie started diving duty as a false nine.

He remained faithful melakoni role when joining Manchester United. In fact, her duet with Wayne Rooney gave birth to a unique formulation. Van Persie called pattern 9 1/2. Alternately, van Persie and Rooney fills the role player numbered 9 and 10.

It is difficult to guess the position of Robin van Persie real. Not just scoring goals, its ability to cross, dribble and open space with amazing intelligence. Author of "inverting the Pyramid", Jonathan Wilson van Persie was labeled as "the falsest nine in football".

9. Luis Suarez

Minimal conditions experienced by Liverpool striker just so profits for Luis Suarez. After the departure of Andy Carroll, the post was switched to a lone striker from Uruguay's players.

Task Suarez acted open space. Moreover, the Reds have the quarterback at a high speed such as Raheem Sterling. However, the record of goals Suarez was also quite impressive. He became the top scorer in the Premier League with a record of 10 goals.
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Plagued Stewardess, Beckham Threatens British Airways

Los Angeles Galaxy star David Beckham, threatening a British airline, British Airways, having been interrupted by the stewardess.

Beckham has threatened to stop using the British Airways because they feel their privacy disturbed. When in flight from the U.S. to the UK, British Airways flight attendants often steal photos when he was asleep.

"Beckham will be happy to give autograph and take pictures with fans. He is well known and friendly to fans, "said a source tells The Sun.

"However, what the British Airways flight attendants are very disturbing. They lined the aisle line up to ask for a photo together during the flight, "he said.

After the incident, the boss of British Airways gave warning to the crew and apologized to Beckham over the unpleasant events.

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Barcelona Inspired Yoichi Takahashi, the Captain Tsubasa Comic Creator

Barcelona turned out to be an inspiration Yoichi Takahashi, Captain Tsubasa comic. He claimed the Catalan club idolized. Plus, often drawing towards evening when, while watching Barca fight. For Takahashi, if the characters live, Tsubasa Ozora (translated by Oliver Atom names in different countries) will be Lionel Messi, and Kojiro Hyuga (translated by the name of Mark Lenders) to be Cristiano Ronaldo.

Takahashi also admire an Andres Iniesta as his favorite player. He is also considering, will include characters Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho next in the series Captain Tsubasa.

Captain Tsubasa inspire many young people to choose football as their career. Not only Hidetoshi Nakata of Japan. But also Alessandro Del Piero (Italy), Fernando Torres (Spain), Zinedine Zidane (France). Even Lionel Messi (Argentina), too. It is quite unique when knowing Yoichi Takahashi, the creator of the comic Captain Tsubasa, was idolized Barcelona.

When interviewed Marca about his favorite club, Takahashi said, "Barca, and of course Sabadell. I love the Camp Nou crowd atmosphere there, and the philosophy of the club. "

Takahashi also admitted, very fond of European football. And a chance to watch the match Barcelona at night, is something so perfect for 52-year-old man. Because he likes to draw at night.

"I like European football. I draw at night. I do it when watching the Barca game. "

The creator of Captain Tsubasa also has a favorite player. He is Andres Iniesta. In addition, Takahashi is considering whether to enter characters Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho in the manga series. Oliver Atom (Tsubasa Ozora) will become a coach after retiring. Thus, there will be opportunities Guardiola or Mourinho appeared in the series.

Yoichi Takahashi asked to compare his characters to star in the real world. So he said, "Casillas is Genzo Wakabayashi (Benjamin Price or Benji), Lionel Messi is the Captain Tsubasa (Oliver Atom) and Cristiano Ronaldo is Kojiro Hyuga (Mark Lenders)."

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Qatar Airways, New Links Barca Season Home

Friday, 16 November 2012

Once for the first time receive a sponsor emblazoned on his jersey, Barcelona will be the new sponsor next season. Qatar Airways will replace Qatar Foundation as the primary sponsor on the jerseys the Catalans.

Substitution sponsor is still included in the Barcelona agreement with Qatar Sports Investment (QSI), which was signed last season. For the record, when it was Barca awarded a contract worth 30 million euros a season of QSI to help promote Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup.

And after two seasons Qatar Foundation logo on his shirt, starting next season turns Qatar Airways jersey that will be plastered on Lionel Messi et al. The statement, published by the Catalan club's official website.

"Qatar Foundation has previously benefited from the contract (which was signed by QSI), for the next two years, which will begin on July 1 will get them is Qatar Airways," he disclosed Barcelona vice president Javier Faus.

"QSI has given us the right to sponsor Qatar Airways. We are happy to accept the changes. They are a global company and we share many values ​​with them," said Faus.

Decision Barcelona had signed a contract with QSI to a lot of criticism last season. However it was later forced to do in order to maintain the financial health and to maintain the competitiveness of Barcelona.

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Indonesia national team jersey for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Officially Launched

Nike on Monday (12/11) released a new uniform for the national team Indonesia AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 tournament will be held on 24 November to 22 December.

In keeping with Nike's commitment in bringing the vision to always put an athlete's performance as well as providing a very minimal impact on the environment, the material for this new uniform pants are made from 100 percent recycled polyester, while the material for the shirt is made of at least 96% recycled polyester.

The material for the jersey itself produced a pair of 13 plastic bottles that have been recycled.

Uniform is constructed using Nike's Dri-FIT technology to dispel dampness, and is made with a material which is 23 percent lighter and 20 percent stronger seam structure than previous uniforms. Jerseys jersey also displays the ventilation holes are created using laser cooling to support a particular area, which can help players maintain body temperature during the game.

As usual, the red color dominates the main squad Garuda uniform, and there is also a typical element of green on the sleeves and on the bottom of my socks, which inspired national team uniform in the 1950s.

Garuda emblem embedded on the left chest, and on the inside back of the uniform stated motto Unity in Diversity alias countries 'unity in diversity' that served as inspiration for the team.

"Nike Indonesia feel very proud to be part of the momentum in the world of football Indonesia. Nike's commitment has always been to help athletes achieve their best performance with the best technological innovations that we have, "said Country Marketing Manager of Nike Indonesia, Nino Priambodo.

"Nike realized that launched the Indonesia national team's new uniform is not just about showing the product, but also when wearing it both athletes and football enthusiasts, this uniform will talk about a sense of nationalism, pride and fighting spirit to party never stopped hoping soccer Indonesia could reach triumphant return, "he added.

"PSSI feel proud to launch the team uniform of Garuda Indonesia's new thanks to the support of Nike. Recognizing the severity of the task of the athletes of our national football team, to win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012, and the name of the nation, PSSI always strive to provide the best for them, and uniform course play an important role especially for displaying the spirit of our nation "said Halim Mahfudz, Secretary General of PSSI.
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Ahead to the Caps-100, Gerrard echoes Pose Bobby Moore 39 Years Ago

Ahead of his 100th appearance with the English national team, captain Steven Gerrard took time to pose with 99 elementary school children from Huyton-with-Roby Church.

Huyton-with-Roby Chuch Gerrard is a former school when he was a child. No wonder so many parents of elementary school children looked excited to see the Liverpool captain.

"It's nice to go back to school. I have a lot of memories here, this place is the first place I learned football. When no one ever thought I could actually play for England and captained, "said Gerrard told the Daily Mail.

Investigate a calibaration, photo copied from photos in 1973 England captain, Bobby Moore, who also posed with 99 elementary school children West Ham.

Just like in the picture Moore, children with Stevie G is also wearing a hat, each bearing the match the captain had acted so far.

"Honestly, I'd never seen Bobby Moore. I'm proud to imitate the photo of one of England's best players, "said Gerrard.

Starting a career in the national team in 2000, Gerrard was asked to become captain at the 2010 World Cup replace Rio Ferdinand. Stevie G plans to get his 100th caps against Sweden in a friendly match, Wednesday, November 14, 2012.
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Release Barcelona Jersey 2013/2014

Thursday, 8 November 2012

El Mundo Deportivo reports that Barcelona is the latest jersey. Costume is estimated to be selling well because its design models and more delicious than the previous Barca jersey.

Red striped T-shirt bearing the Qatar Foundation's blue in the chest, complete with the logo of Nike and FC Barcelona emblem on the right and left upper chest. Certainly, Andres Iniesta and his colleagues will look more cool in season 2013/14 the next.
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Bladder Hulk sister, Angelica Aparecida Vieira Kidnapping Victim In Brazil

Monday, 5 November 2012

Younger brother Zenit St Petersburg striker, Hulk being abducted. 22-year-old girl named Angelica Aparecida Vieira was kidnapped by a gang penculi while passing in the area Campina Grande, Brazil on Monday afternoon.

As reported Sportsmole, kidnapping started when Angelica personal driving crossed one road in Campina Grande. In front of a restaurant, a group of kidnappers facing car girl who works as a nutritionist that.

Then Angelica put the car gang kidnappers. The incident was witnessed by the restaurant manager, Helio Da Silva, not far from the location. But he had to undergo hospital treatment for shock after seeing these kidnappings.

Up to now not known where Angelica. Meanwhile, police officers Campina Grande sector is still not able to confirm the number of offenders who commit these kidnappings.

This event is bad news for Hulk that is in the process of recovery over the past two weeks due to injury. Hulk is expected to miss Zenit defend against Anderlecht in the Champions League midweek.
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10 Richest Club World by Forbes Magazine

Forbes magazine has just announced the list of 10 world's richest club. Real Madrid only sitting in third. Meanwhile, his eternal rival, Barcelona, sitting in the top nine. The world's richest club Forbes is a New York Yankees baseball team (baseball) celebrated the United States.

If Barcelona are superior in terms of the market value of the players than Real Madrid, another case in matters of wealth club. Los Merengues are superior to his eternal rival. Nevertheless, El Real is not the richest club in the world. They lost to the New York Yankees and Manchester United.

New York Yankees (baseball) has assets of nearly 284 million euros. Meanwhile, Manchester United, are second posis. They have the assets to nearly 230 jut Euro. With this record, it means the Red Devils into the football club with the most expensive asset in the world, surpassing other football clubs.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid, was ranked third. Assets reached nearly 200 million euros. 62 million euros more than the eternal rival, Barcelona.

El Barca, with assets approaching 138 million euros, is ranked ninth. In matters of fellow football club, they are less than the Bayern Munich (ranked sixth). Moreover, when compared with all sports clubs in the world, Barca still under Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the New England Patriots (football) plus Boston Red Sox (baseball).

Here is a list of 10 clubs in the sport with the biggest asset (in Euro)

New York Yankees (baseball) 283 793 400
Manchester United (soccer) 229 067 400
Real Madrid CF (football) 199 359 000
Dallas Cowboys (football) 194 668 200
Los Angeles Dodgers (football) 157 923 600
Bayern Munich (football) 150 105 600
Boston Red Sox (baseball) 150 105 600
New England Patriots (football) 146 978 400
FC Barcelona (soccer) 137 596 800
Arsenal FC (football) 121 960 800

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Accept Costume RVP, Andre Santos criticized

Sunday, 4 November 2012

An interesting scenes presented in Manchester United's counter-Arsenal match on Saturday (3/11). When the first half ended, Andre Santos swapped costumes with Robin van Persie.
Andre Santos bertukar kostum dengan Robin van Persie. (Getty Images)
Santos then action drew criticism from former Gunners penggawa, Ray Parlour. Not because van Persie branded a traitor, but because of the lag phase is not the right time to exchange costumes.

"It was a joke. I would not do it," he told The Sun Parlour.

"There was at halftime? She should focus on the game after having a nightmare," said Parlour.

Andre Santos himself failed to cover the movement of Rafael Da Silva scored as Man. United created. Additional criticisms leveled then Parlour.

"He can play four players behind the scheme because it always leaves his position," said Parlour.
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Fergie Prepare "The Next Vidic" Jores Okore

"The Boss" Sir Alex Ferguson once again plans to bring in new players to Old Trafford, after successfully bringing Shinji Kagawa, Nick Powell, Alexander Buttner, Henriquez and Robin Van Persie in the transfer window last August. The Scot has now directed shot into a defender from the Ivory Coast who plays for Nordsjelland (Denmark), Jores Okore.

The 20-year-old player plays as a central defender. Okore been four seasons playing for Nordsjelland and bring the team to win a domestic title.

United currently is in need of players at that position, given the current defender, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic have entered the age is not young anymore and needs upholstery.

To obtain the services of players born August 11, 1992, the main competitors Manchester United is Chelsea. Reportedly London Blue team is also keen to sign him. Both teams claimed to have given the "green light" from Okore agent that is currently "waiting for the offer."

Nordsjelland itself actually want to offer a contract extension to Okore until 2016, but if there are clubs willing to pay 5 million pounds, Danish League club was ready to take it off.

With the state of the current team, obviously very menbutuhkan players like Fergie Okore. Given Nemanja Vidic, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling are still injured. While Rio Ferdinand and Jonny Evans still has many loopholes. Evidence United conceded 13 goals from nine matches.

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Fabregas Accused of Fleeing Wives Bring

There is a startling admission from a UK property entrepreneur, Ellie Taktouk. He called Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has made off with his wife, Daniella Seemaan.

Fabregas and Seemaan, indeed central romantic couple. They did not hesitate to spit intimacy together. Elie Taktouk first to know his wife's affair with leihat a photograph in the newspaper. At first he did not believe her 38-year-old can be hooked by Fabregas who was aged 25 years.

Because infidelity both household Seemaan with Taktouk mess. Elie Seemaan Taktouk and later divorced. He must be willing to see Fabregas became stepfather to her son and eight-year-old daughter started puberty at age sebela years.

According Taktouk, but when Fabregas and 'made off' his wife, they were planning a third child in the family.

"I am totally numb and in shock for months," said Elie Taktouk as reported by The Sun.

"I try to deny that state, but never could.

"When I saw those pictures, I was disgusted. And can only be harbored emotions.

"And when that happens, we are running a program to have a third child again," he said.

Elie and Daniella are original pair Lebanon. They married in Lebanon in 1998. Men of a successful career in the UK as a business property that was expressed exasperation to ever graze Fabregas with Arsenal.

"He is a young man of 25 years is stupid. The fame and the money will run out quickly. He's not going to be like David Beckham, "he said irritably.

Photo Elie seen in the paper, is photo when Fabregas with Daneilla wearing only a bikini on the beach while riding jetskit Nice, France.

Actually, now that Fabregas still has a girlfriend named Carla Garcia, but dropped out in conjunction with his move from Arsenal to Barcelona.

In a divorce with Ellie Taktouk, Daniella is still entitled to allowance of £ 2500 per month.

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Lionel Messi is now Authorized So Dad

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The world's best soccer player at this time, Lionel Messi, official status as a father. The girlfriend, Antonella Rocuzzo, reportedly gave birth to a boy named Thiago.

Players 25 years was granted permission to not attend the morning practice session with Barca. Messi immediately rushed to the USP Dexeus hospital in Barcelona after his girlfriend was rushed to the hospital.

According to Sport, the birth took place on the seventh floor of the Dexeus hospital at about five in the past 15 minutes Friday afternoon, October 2, 2012, local time. According to reporters who waited for the moment, Messi owned Maserati cars were parked all day in the hospital.

RS is currently closed and not serving another patient visits to provide peace to the families Messi. His parents, Jorge and Celia, and brother Matthew, Rodrigo and Mario Sol also appear in person to accompany the Barcelona star.

According to Marca, with the birth of the first son, named Thiago Messi, he was ready to dedicate the next goal for the child. Messi still confirmed to appear when Barca face Celta Vigo this weekend.

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Indonesia Results Hattrick Milan City

Indonesia's representative at the tournament Intesa Sanpaolo, Indonesia All Star Team 2012, reaping good results. Shown against the combined players from Italy, Lithuania, and Croatia in the final on Saturday (3/11), the Indonesian team which contains 18 players aged 13-16 years from the selection Milan Junor Camp in five cities in Indonesia, reported a 2-1 win .

Both goals Indonesian All Star Team 2012 called printed by M. Ananda in the first half and M. Krisna Setiawan in the second round. The reported combined team scored a goal in the first half or after the first goal Indonesia, through the white point.

The victory in the final, the Indonesian All Star Team 2012 managed to repeat the success of Indonesia's representative in 2010 and 2011. These results as well as the realization of the hope Pertamina, as the sponsor and PSSI, as it sparked a day before the team's departure. Of course, the people of Indonesia.

"Now MJC entourage 2012 Indonesia prepares to Seaview to watch Milan vs Chievo. Hopefully spirit and triumph Indonesia continues to AC Milan," said Milanisti Europe in the twitter account @ MilanistiEurope.

gait Indonesia

In that tournament, the representative of Indonesia is actually shown is not without obstacles. Weather being the most important factor that must be faced. But there are real obstacles that can pass well. Even with existing opponents.

In the opening match, Indonesia All Star Team 2012 managed to beat the combined players from the Americas with a landslide score 5-0. This victory alone a second victory in Milan, after beating AC Milan Academy by a score of 2-0 in warm-up matches.

Meanwhile, Indonesia All Star Team managed to win 4-0 over the joint team of the Scandinavian countries. As for the third party, the representative of Indonesia managed to shave Italy by a score of 6-0 and eligible to appear in the final.
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Rooney's wife Coleen Choose Maternity General Hospital

Friday, 2 November 2012

At the beginning of last month, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen announced it was expecting a second child. Coleen contain one month.

Both can hardly wait for the birth of her second child which occurred in May 2013 predicted. I was so impatient, the two couples who have endowed the son begins to choose a hospital for the birth of the child later.

Coleen who also works as a fashion designer wanted to give birth in a public hospital, precisely at the women's hospital in Liverpool, England. This option is not without reason. At three years ago, Coleen gave birth to her first son, Kai at this hospital.

"Coleen had an amazing experience when Kai gave birth at the hospital. And he was very pleased with the atmosphere at this hospital, "said one source at the hospital as reported by The Sun.

"He could have chosen a more expensive hospital in Liverpool. But, he actually prefers run hospitals NHS charities. We were of course very fond of it. "

Apparently, one of the compelling reasons why they chose this hospital is Coleen's sister, Rosie McLoughlin who have rare diseases brain disorder, Rett Syndrome. Rosie cared for by one of the children's hospital NHS.
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The World Richest People Want to Buy Getafe

Shocking news for Spanish side Getafe. The team from the city of Madrid was being targeted by the world's richest man, Carlos Slim.
Getafe (Dok. Football Espana)
As reported Libertad Digital, a businessman from Mexico planning to acquire ownership of Getafe president Angel Torres hand. Previously, Torres was reportedly potential buyers to search the team.

The purchase itself will involve an intermediary, namely through its Slim, America Movil. For your information, America Movil is the holder of the broadcasting rights in the Mexican league.

However, it posed Torres cantankerous tone. "I do not know who this man was," Torres said as quoted by Football Espana.

According to Forbes magazine, Slim is world's richest people in 2012. His wealth is estimated at 69 billion U.S. dollars, surpassing Bill Gates were in the range of 61 billion U.S. dollars.
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Mario Balotelli So Main Time Magazine Cover

Although contributions (Super) Mario Balotelli at Manchester City rated less than satisfactory, the Italian national team players made ​​it into the main cover of Time Magazine.
Mario Balotelli Jadi Cover Utama Time Magazine
In addition to the article entitled "Why Always Mario?", Time Magazine made ​​an exclusive video of the goals as well as t-shirts worn Balotelli when crushed Manchester United with the score 6-1.

In addition, a 7-minute video duration was also told of special moments on the gridiron as well as poignant stories about the evidence of his love for his foster mother.

In this video, Balotelli also addressed the issue of racism in football as well spill the beans about the future of his career on the gridiron.

Time Magazine also asked for opinions about the president of the United States, Barack Obama told Mario Balotelli.

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The Citizens Aims "The Next Eto'o" Jean Marie Dongou

Arrival Txiki Begiristain as Director of Football Friday, Manchester City would be a plus point. Skills and knowledge when in Barcelona Txiki will be very useful for the Citizens.
Jean Marie Dongou (Sumber: Getty Images)
The director was reportedly already at work looking for a talented young player for Man. City. He is a young Barcelona striker, Jean Marie Dongou.

Dongou is one of the best talents currently owned La Masia. Originally from Cameroon, Dongou often referred to as "The Next Samuel Eto'o". It is not without reason, the player does have the power, touch, and techniques similar to Eto'o.

Quoted by Goal, Man. City understands the player will have a price of up to 30 million pounds a day and ready to plow as soon as possible.
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Visit to England, SBY Named So "Players" Arsenal

Thursday, 1 November 2012

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, got a special surprise in his state visit in London, England, on Thursday (01/11/2012) yesterday. In addition to receiving the gift of a knighthood from the Queen of England, the President also had the honor of being appointed 'player' English Premier League club Arsenal.

Yes, during a visit for 3 days in London, the President took time to meet with club officials nicknamed the bullet barn. Beginning on Thursday, the President held a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron, who was held at 10 Downing Street, London.

After the meeting, Cameron introduced two high-ranking club Arsenal to SBY. Both Arsenal club officials it was Ivan Gazidis and Tom Fox. Well, in the meeting, they presented two costumes SBY Arsenal. One costume back numbered 1 with the name Yudhoyono, while the second costume back numbered 13 reads Indonesia.

In this photo released by the official website of the presidential household, the President seemed pleased to accept Arsenal shirt with his name on it. In addition to providing two costumes Arsenal, The Gunners were two officials also said that Arsene Wenger's side will travel to Indonesia in 2013.

According to Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal will surely visited Jakarta on a pre-season tour next year. This will be his second time for the Gunners to Indonesia, from the first time they came last in 1983.

"All parties are very keen on Arsenal return to Asia, especially to Indonesia, after 30 years ago we had come there. We know an awful lot fanatical Arsenal fans in Indonesia and we are ready to hold the club with loyal fans there. And learn the culture of Indonesia, "said Gazidis as quoted from the official website of Arsenal.
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MU Fans Put Banner "Clattenburg: Referee, Leader, Legend" At Stamford Bridge

There are interesting things in the Chelsea match against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. That is, writing on a banner stretched by United fans who come to the stadium.

As reported by the Guardian, the Red Devils fans to write words that contain support to referee Mark Clattenburg, but there are also elements of the Blues captain quipped, John Terry.

In the banner Red Devils fans to write the word 'Clattenburg: Referee, Leader, Legend'. Posts in the banner can indeed decorate Stamford Bridge, but with the words 'Terry: Captain, Leader, Legend'.

As is known, Clattenburg was the referee who led the first game in the Premier League clash between the sides last week. In the game, Clattenburg was issued several controversial decisions and quite detrimental to the stronghold of the Blues.

Both teams clashed again in the Champions League Cup, and in this second meeting Chelsea managed to come out as the winner with a score of 5-4. The win put United have crashed out of the League Cup this season.

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