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Sunday, 18 November 2012

False Nine of Into the Future

At Euro 2012 and then, the public was astonished when the Spanish squad cons Italy reported. None of the typical pure striker Vicente del Bosque reduced. In fact, the list of players La Furia Roja entrenched such a goal-hungry striker Fernando Torres, Fernando Llorente and Alvaro Negredo.
Matthias Sindelar (Foto:
Verdict entrenador the sweet fruit. Duet central defender opponents dither because the flow of the ball Xavi Hernandez et al getting hard to guess. Spain breezed into the finals and conquered Italy. The word "innovation" and then sticking.

Indeed, Spain is not the first team to use a false nine formulations. Attackers Austria mid-1930s, Matthias Sindelar became the first performer. Nine false formulation continues to demonstrate the existence until the modern era of football.

Actor Nine Nine False

1. Matthias Sindelar

Coach Hugo Meisl introduced the 2-3-2-3 formation (WW) Austrian national team. The captain, Matthias Sindelar the diving task main attacker.

Sindelar movement itself is quite dynamic and often dropped into midfield. Because creativity and ability to create chances, he then dubbed "The Mozart of Football". At the end of an international career, a record 27 goals from 43 matches coloring curriculum vitae of the player. Quite productive.

2. Nandor Hidegkuti

With a 4-2-4 formation, silencing the Hungarian Olympic champions with an unbeaten record over the past three years, the British public Wembley on 25 November 1953. Ahead of the game, the spotlight would be on Ferenc Puskas, who fills one of four strikers post.

Only, the light actually overshadow Nandor Hidegkuti. Hidegkuti unique position behold. He is a player who wore jersey number nine, but it stands on two midfielders scheme. Not just preparing attack patterns, Hidegkuti merengsek often rise to the penalty box. Not surprisingly, achieved a score hat-trick in this match.

3. Johan Cruyff

Kala discussing false nine role, often forgotten figure of Johan Cruyff. In fact, in a 1-3-3-3 formation style of Rinus Michels, Cruyff represents formula. He is the translator of the philosophy of Total Football, Ajax Amsterdam and the Dutch national team.

In the old system, Cruyff not only stands as the main striker. Movement often dilated or exchange with the central midfielder Johan Neeskens. With the movement of Cruyff and Neeskens guess, other Dutch players were complementary space as usual strategy of Total Football.

4. Dennis Bergkamp

After Johan Cruyff, the Dutch re-birth support striker nan genius. He is Dennis Bergkamp. Style of play striker nicknamed The Non-Flying Dutchman is also similar to Cruyff.

So, why mention false nine worthy pinned on Bergkamp? Like the number 10 player, Bergkamp was on duty as a waitress Thierry Henry. However, in truth there is no main striker role in the scheme of Arsene Wenger. Henry gives more shock treatment of the wings, while Bergkamp also frequently drops down to pick up the ball. Task goalscorer and also acted as a waiter.

5. Francesco Totti

Luciano Spaletti is one of the coaches figure reintroduce formula false nine in the modern football era. Because striker crisis in 2006, he applied the 4-1-4-1 formation for AS Roma. Il Capitano, Francesco Totti stood alone as the spearhead.

Intelligence makes it easier in a Totti open space and create chances. Not just serving, Totti also managed to fulfill his duties as a source of goals I Giallorossi. In total, he recorded 26 goals at the end of the Serie A season.

6. Carlos Tevez

Formula endless false nine Champions League trophy in 2008 for Manchester United. Not the Wayne Rooney nor Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez but so pelakonnya.

With morale more striking than Ronaldo and Rooney, Tevez presence as the main striker even more dominant as a waiter. As a result, the scenario is not uncommon. Contribution is dominated by one goal heading winger, Cristiano Ronaldo filled. At the end of the season, recorded 42 goals Ronaldo.

7. Lionel Messi

Champions League Final 2009, started as a performer Messi false nine. At that time, Pep Guardiola Messi commissioned as a center forward, but often pick up the ball to midfield. While the main goal getter, Samuel Eto'o actually instructed to comb the right side.

Proven sniper, both players managed to break Manchester United's goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar kept. In fact, Messi scored born through an unusual process for a false nine. He welcomes feedback gastric Xavi Hernandez with a header of his head.

8. Robin van Persie

Formula nine false start sampled van Persie playing for Arsenal in the 2009-10 season. Manager Arsene Wenger's 4-3-3 scheme implemented by postal striker Nicklas Bendtner filled. When the decline in Performance shown Bendtner, van Persie started diving duty as a false nine.

He remained faithful melakoni role when joining Manchester United. In fact, her duet with Wayne Rooney gave birth to a unique formulation. Van Persie called pattern 9 1/2. Alternately, van Persie and Rooney fills the role player numbered 9 and 10.

It is difficult to guess the position of Robin van Persie real. Not just scoring goals, its ability to cross, dribble and open space with amazing intelligence. Author of "inverting the Pyramid", Jonathan Wilson van Persie was labeled as "the falsest nine in football".

9. Luis Suarez

Minimal conditions experienced by Liverpool striker just so profits for Luis Suarez. After the departure of Andy Carroll, the post was switched to a lone striker from Uruguay's players.

Task Suarez acted open space. Moreover, the Reds have the quarterback at a high speed such as Raheem Sterling. However, the record of goals Suarez was also quite impressive. He became the top scorer in the Premier League with a record of 10 goals.
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