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Monday, 19 November 2012

Grab the Golden Ball Award Trophy, Neto Shocked

Dovenir stunning looks Domingues Neto at the World Cup 2012 in Thailand Futsal rewarded accordingly. Not only brhasil bringing Brazil the title, the Golden Ball trophy had been won the 31-year-old man.
Dovenir Domingues Neto (Getty Images)
The success can not be separated due to notch seven goals during the tournament was held. Although beposisi as a defender, Neto shows each dealing with a predatory instinct of the opponent's goal. Two winning goal was scored by a player who has been successful twice participated in the World Cup Futsal it.

"Yes, very surprising (won the Golden Ball) because I'm a defender and the defender is less likely to receive the award. I'm glad to see Kike (Spanish players) are also on the list and there are two defenders who completes the top three. Winning this award is far beyond I imagine any ambition. This is both a best day of my life, "said the player numbered 11 it.

Under the Net, was entrenched pillar of the Spanish national team, Kike who won Silver Ball trophy. Captain La Furia Roja was also selected by the FIFA Technical Study Group and representatives of the media accreditation ciamik appearance until the final blessing. He also managed to amaze many thanks to the ability verastilitas good as any defender attacker. slick ability to read the game was made ​​he never abandoned by coach venacio Lopez in the main squad.

"For me, all the individual titles are representative of the collective., And for me it represents the appearance of the whole team," says Kike trying to be modest. (irawan)

Awards indvidu Futsal World Cup 2012:
adidas Golden Ball: Neto (Brazil)
adidas Silver Ball: Kike (Spain)
adidas Bronze Ball: Ricardinho (Portugal)

adidas Golden Boot: Eder Lima (Russia)
adidas Silver Boot: Rodolfo Fortino (Italy)
adidas Bronze Boot: Fernandinho (Brazil)

adidas Golden Glove: Stefano Mammarella (Italy)

FIFA Fair Play Award: Argentina

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