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Monday, 5 November 2012

10 Richest Club World by Forbes Magazine

Forbes magazine has just announced the list of 10 world's richest club. Real Madrid only sitting in third. Meanwhile, his eternal rival, Barcelona, sitting in the top nine. The world's richest club Forbes is a New York Yankees baseball team (baseball) celebrated the United States.

If Barcelona are superior in terms of the market value of the players than Real Madrid, another case in matters of wealth club. Los Merengues are superior to his eternal rival. Nevertheless, El Real is not the richest club in the world. They lost to the New York Yankees and Manchester United.

New York Yankees (baseball) has assets of nearly 284 million euros. Meanwhile, Manchester United, are second posis. They have the assets to nearly 230 jut Euro. With this record, it means the Red Devils into the football club with the most expensive asset in the world, surpassing other football clubs.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid, was ranked third. Assets reached nearly 200 million euros. 62 million euros more than the eternal rival, Barcelona.

El Barca, with assets approaching 138 million euros, is ranked ninth. In matters of fellow football club, they are less than the Bayern Munich (ranked sixth). Moreover, when compared with all sports clubs in the world, Barca still under Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the New England Patriots (football) plus Boston Red Sox (baseball).

Here is a list of 10 clubs in the sport with the biggest asset (in Euro)

New York Yankees (baseball) 283 793 400
Manchester United (soccer) 229 067 400
Real Madrid CF (football) 199 359 000
Dallas Cowboys (football) 194 668 200
Los Angeles Dodgers (football) 157 923 600
Bayern Munich (football) 150 105 600
Boston Red Sox (baseball) 150 105 600
New England Patriots (football) 146 978 400
FC Barcelona (soccer) 137 596 800
Arsenal FC (football) 121 960 800

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