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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fabregas Accused of Fleeing Wives Bring

There is a startling admission from a UK property entrepreneur, Ellie Taktouk. He called Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has made off with his wife, Daniella Seemaan.

Fabregas and Seemaan, indeed central romantic couple. They did not hesitate to spit intimacy together. Elie Taktouk first to know his wife's affair with leihat a photograph in the newspaper. At first he did not believe her 38-year-old can be hooked by Fabregas who was aged 25 years.

Because infidelity both household Seemaan with Taktouk mess. Elie Seemaan Taktouk and later divorced. He must be willing to see Fabregas became stepfather to her son and eight-year-old daughter started puberty at age sebela years.

According Taktouk, but when Fabregas and 'made off' his wife, they were planning a third child in the family.

"I am totally numb and in shock for months," said Elie Taktouk as reported by The Sun.

"I try to deny that state, but never could.

"When I saw those pictures, I was disgusted. And can only be harbored emotions.

"And when that happens, we are running a program to have a third child again," he said.

Elie and Daniella are original pair Lebanon. They married in Lebanon in 1998. Men of a successful career in the UK as a business property that was expressed exasperation to ever graze Fabregas with Arsenal.

"He is a young man of 25 years is stupid. The fame and the money will run out quickly. He's not going to be like David Beckham, "he said irritably.

Photo Elie seen in the paper, is photo when Fabregas with Daneilla wearing only a bikini on the beach while riding jetskit Nice, France.

Actually, now that Fabregas still has a girlfriend named Carla Garcia, but dropped out in conjunction with his move from Arsenal to Barcelona.

In a divorce with Ellie Taktouk, Daniella is still entitled to allowance of £ 2500 per month.

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