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Monday, 9 July 2012

Indonesia Football History

The song "Halo-Halo Bandung" to welcome the national team called PSSI Pre-World Cup (PPD) in Seoul, but the team came home from there with empty hands.

The PSSI profiles on the official FIFA website, on the columns listed achievements that Indonesia had once appeared in the World Cup, namely in 1938 in France. Indeed, the play when it is the people of Indonesia, but they played under the banner of NIVU (soccer united Dutch East Indies), not the PSSI, which has stood since 1930.

With PSSI flag, let alone competing in the World Cup, went so far in qualifying it difficult for Indonesia's national team. Since FIFA introduced a system of zone qualifying group in Asia, only once a Garuda Force and the group winners advance to the next round.

The best achievement came at the 1986 Mexico World Cup qualifier. However, after setting aside the top of Group 3B with India, Thailand, and Bangladesh, step team coach Sinyo Aliandoe stopped immediately after losing the two duel in July 1985 against the group winners 3A, South Korea.

Before the game, lose the attitude before the war had come. "We're as scared against South Korea. It can be seen from the atmosphere of national training. There is also a leader who said that better meet Malaysia. South Korea is too exalted greatness, "criticism LH Tanoto, former national team player who is also a team player when it's father, Rev. Tanoto, on May 31, 1985 issue of Soccer.

In the body of the team, coaches reject proposal Sinyo many parties to invoke the union stars, Paragraph Sudrajat (Arsenal) and Adolf Kabo (Perseman). However, Sinyo still recruiting new players, including left back Educate Darmadi (Persija) and the attacker Noach Maryen (PSSI Garuda).

Sinyo changes made to realize the target reached a point in Seoul. Herry Kiswanto captain, who played as a midfielder for a central subgroup, put up a double with Marzuki Nyakmad Stoper national team when the opponent is pressed, while a partner in the last subgroup Marzuki, Warta Kusuma, played as a libero.

Capitalize trials against local clubs, national team left for Seoul on July 18 or three days before the match at the Olympic Stadium. The song "Halo-halo Bandung" sung by Embassy officials in Seoul plus dozens of local journalists welcomed Kiswanto Herry et al. at Kimpo Airport.

On game day, July 21, 1985, denagn uniform green, with a good team can survive up to one hour of the game running. Even Zulkarnaen Lubis almost brought Indonesia lead after defender is able to escape from obstacles so that the host-defense faced with goalkeeper Oh Yun-kyu in the 69th minute. However, Zul had run out of gas so that the South Korean goalie can reduce attacks.

Decreased levels of concentration due to fatigue causes the birth of two goals against South Korea Story at minute 74 and 79.

 Losing 0-2, the national team still has a feeling of hope in the match in Jakarta on July 30.

 A few days before the match, Yusuf Kadir columnist in the daily Kompas wrote, "In Senayan, is only natural to play the national team, and must not attack."

 The advice was ignored Sinyo troops in the second game in Senayan on July 30. Once the referee George Joseph from Malaysia blew the whistle the game began, Herry et al. directly hit the opponent. As a result, the defense team is open.

South Korea's counter-attack resulted in two goals in nine minutes of the match. After adding two more guests, the new team can be scored with a header from the right wing Dede Sulaiman. That, too, came three minutes before the game ends.

"The attack backfired total. Dream Aliandoe to take revenge for the South was saying with optimism was still a dream. Our national team crushed South Korea 4-1," writes former national team captain, Ronny Pattinasarany, in the football record at Compass July 31 1985.

 * This paper was published in the August 2011 issue of FourFourTwo Indonesia. Check out other stories in the history of football magazine FourFourTwo Indonesia in Indonesia, published in the fourth week of each month.

 Also in this month ....
Team beat Qatar 2-1 in Asian Cup 2004 in China. It became the first victory for Indonesia in the history of participation in the Asia Cup. Exactly three years later, in Jakarta, 2007, the Red-White achieve success both with a 2-1 victory over Bahrain.

Several former players and national team coach dies. Among these attackers '60s and '70s, Yakob Sihasale (in the age of 39 years on July 8, 1983), captain of the 1970's, Iswadi Idris (60 years on July 11, 2008), and SEA Games champion trainer in 1997, Bertje Matulapelwa (59 years old on July 9, 2002).

After leading the PSSI board meeting on July 27, 1994, Chairman of Azwar Anas Galatama competition and announced the merger of the Union. Twelve months later, Arsenal won the first edition of the league after beating Indonesia 1-0 Son Petrochemicals.

Disappointed at the national football, Sjarnubi Said disperse Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian on July 8, 1991. Krama Yudha Indonesia is the club's most high achievers in Asia. Palembang club is located in the top three Cup Champion 1986.

On July 15, 1996, Pelita Jaya boss, Nirwan Bakrie, Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto states that are transferred to Sampdoria worth Rp115 million, but in August Kurniawan back to Indonesia.
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