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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Manchester United Club Most Valuable High

English giants, Manchester United is the club's most highly valued worldwide. Judgment was issued by the official website of the leading economies, Forbes. United not only be the best football club, but United is also a sports team most valuable of all the sports clubs of the world.

Based on data released by Forbes on Tuesday (17/7), United's assets estimated to be about 2.23 billion U.S. dollars, or about 21 trillion rupiah. That number has increased to 1.86 billion dollars (17.5 billion dollars) compared to last year. The Red Devils values ​​were superior to 19 percent, or about 1.43 billion U.S. dollars, or about 13.4 trillion rupiah from Real Madrid. Wealth Madrid is ranked second with a value of 1.88 billion dollars or about 17.7 trillion rupiah.

Data clubs in the top 50 most valuable sports according to Forbes, there were only four soccer club into the top 10. In addition to United and Real Madrid, Barcelona also is ranked eighth with an estimated price of around 1.31 billion dollars (12.3 trillion rupiah) and Arsebal in the top ten with 1.39 billion U.S. dollars or the equivalent of 12.1 trillion rupiah).


10 High Value Team Version of Forbes:
A. Manchester United (Soccer) - U.S. $ 2.23 billion
2. Real Madrid (Soccer) - U.S. $ 1.88 billion
3. New York Yankees (Baseball) - U.S. $ 1.85 billion
3. Dallas Cowboys (American football) - U.S. $ 1.85 billion
5. Washington Redskins (American football) - U.S. $ 1.56 billion
6. Los Angeles Dodgers (Baseball) - U.S. $ 1.40 billion
6. New England Patriots (American football) - U.S. $ 1.40 billion
8. Barcelona (Soccer) - U.S. $ 1.31 billion
9. New York Giants (American football) - U.S. $ 1.30 billion
10. Arsenal (Soccer) - U.S. $ 1.29 billion
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