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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wanderers FC, FA Cup champions of the First

The full name | Wanderers Association Football & Social Club
Nickname | The Rovers
Standing | 1859 (as Forest F.C.)
2009 (reform)
Vacuum | 1887
Stadium | various venues in London and surrounding areas (original club)
Belair Park (reform club)

Wanderers Football Club is an amateur football club from England, who was in London, the players are alumni of the leading schools in England.

Established under the name Forest Football Club in 1859, later renamed Wanderers FC in 1864.

Wanderers name used because they have never had their own stadium, their home games played at various venues in London and surrounding areas, but among all the stadiums, Kennington Oval is the most used stadium, carrying up to 151 times the Wanderers played at Kennington Oval.

Prior to 1871, the Wanderers is only a friendly, when it has not been standard soccer rules, there are various codes of football, even after the formation of the Football Association (FA) in 1863, Wanderers and other FA members continue to play a game with rules different, despite that Wanderers could be one of the strongest teams when played using the rules of the FA, Wanderers proved capable of winning the FA Challenge Cup (known in the modern era as the FA Cup) up to 5 times (including the first FA Cup season 1871-1872) which 3 of them won in a row a feat equaled only by Blackburn Rovers.

Entering the era of 1880-an achievement the club began to decline significantly, the more difficult situation because of all the eleven players are not able to attend on the day of the match, the club often forced to play with even less number of players often have to borrow players from the opposing team, eventually after the Wanderers in 1882 just a friendly on every Christmas day against Harrow School, alma mater of most of its founder.
Newspaper 'The Sportsman' mentions that the Wanderers disbanded in 1884, but the newspaper 'The Times' mentions that the Wanderers are playing against Harrow School at Christmas 1887.

In the year 2009, or more than 120 years since the last game, Wanderers 'reform' was established in London with the consent of the heirs of the original founders of the club.

Now Wanderers 'reform' play in the Champions 'Surrey South Eastern Combination'
Amateur league at the 12 level in the English football league system
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