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Monday, 27 August 2012

Living Poor, Small Suarez Have No Shoes Ball

Luis Suarez. Name Uruguay striker has now publicly known throughout the world. Besides being sharp on the gridiron, he is also famous for the acts do not admirable, was found guilty of racist acts against Patrice Evra last season.
Luis Suarez harus menjalani kehidupan serba kesusahan semasa kecil. (Foto: Dok. Daylife)
However, despite all his doings, Suarez turned out to save its own story about his childhood. His life as a child can not be calculated easily. If now he is famous hungry on the gridiron, during growth in Montevideo, Suarez had felt hungry live with his family.

She is the middle child of seven children and was raised alone by his mother. Her life is really hard and poor. There are times when his family did not know where to get food.

There also are times when a small Suarez should play barefoot. It's nothing, when his family was unable to buy football boots. In fact, when aged 11 years and received an invitation from the Academy of Football Association of Uruguay, Suarez could not accept it because it did not have even one pair of football boots.

Life is difficult in the past has now become lash own motivation for Suarez. He was transformed into a 25-year-old player who brilliantly in the field.

"Yes, that's right. When I was little, I had to fight for everything. I remember from time to time to play without shoes.'s Really hard to grow like that. We were a large family and did not have enough money. That's why I now exert all while in the field, "I Suarez.

"It's very difficult for me as a child to become a football player in Uruguay. I had to sacrifice a lot of things to become what it is today. Now, I do not want to miss any opportunity in front of me. Which is why I always work hard in the field," he continued.
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