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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Clattenburg alleged contempt Mikel With Monkey Mentions

The controversy surrounding racism referee Mark Clattenburg to two Chelsea players, Juan Mata and John Obi Mikel, keep tapering. Alleged while Mikel is insulting Clattenburg as a monkey.

FA and UEFA continue to work real hard to eradicate racism in football. However, last week alleged racism is coming from the court on the ground.

The Blues Party claimed two players have been humiliated by Clattenburg against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. According to The Sun, Mikel is an insult to the term "monkey", while the eyes insulted by the word "Spanish t ***".

Clattenburg itself has strongly denied this. He claims not to do so. He also believes it will be strengthened by the statement of the assistant referee and linesman were always hear his words through a microphone that is used to communicate while on duty in the field.

"He did not say that. Clattenburg will continue to fight against these allegations. There are many voices in the field and the players could be wrong hear, "said the source of the Clattenburg told The Sun.

Clattenburg itself not on duty this week. He would lead the fight anything in the UK.
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