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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Real Madrid split into two camps?

Real Madrid split into two camps, the camp of Spain and Portugal camp. So that was released by Mundo Deportivo. Kubu Spanish players at Real Madrid, but Xabi Alonso, 'flag war' with The Special One. This conflict caused by Jose Mourinho's attitude towards Sergio Ramos in a game against Sevilla, and how Mou called the retainer Los Blancos as the 0rang "that does not put soccer as a priority".

Real Madrid dressing room heating. So that was mentioned by Mundo Deportivo. Los Blancos separate into two camps. That is, those who imply anti-Mourinho, and those still loyal to the coach. The anti Mourinho dominated by the Spanish players. Except for a few players like Xabi Alonso, who chose to be in the middle.

Meanwhile, the faction in favor of The Special One, dominated by the Portuguese players. Cristiano Ronaldo included in this list.

The trigger this split is therapy conducted by Jose Mourinho on Sergio Ramos. In the match against Sevilla at the Ramon Sanchez-Pijzuan, Madrid slumped 1-0 by Piotr Trochowski quick goals. At that time, Sergio Ramos who was born in Sevilla, Mourinho asked for permission to be allowed to survive overnight there. Ramos purpose, is hanging out with his family.

Jose Mourinho responded by membangkucadangkannya attitude Ramos Madrid crush resistance while Manchester City 3-2. Raphael Varane, the future French defender was chosen to replace Ramos.

In fact, before the line-up against Granada was announced, many believe Ramos will not be included in the starting XI. Although, at that time, observers record Madrid Mou wants to stop frequently pierced through dead balls.

Mou attitude which alienates Ramos is suspected as a trigger for the emergence of two camps in the Real Madrid dressing room. President Florentino Perez is expected to be able to cope with stress and make camp Anti Mourinho reconcile with the coach. However, this year's target of Madrid is the Champions League. And this is one reason why Perez pointed to The Special One as a coach.

No one can ascertain the truth 100% gossip delivered by Mundo Deportivo this.

Such as when Jose Mourinho criticized his players deemed not focus on football. Media suspect they, like Mesut Ozil, more like partying. Later, Ozil has denied that the critique of the 'Special One was referring to him and assured that the German midfielder actively practicing for camp Santiago Bernabeu.

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