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Friday, 3 August 2012

Unique Jersey 2012-2013 Season

There have been many new technologies used in the sport last year. But this time, the technology that brought a little different. One of them applied to the jersey's Olympique Lyonnais are using 3D design.

Clubs of the world began to be widely released the jersey they wear the season 2012-2013. Costumes are a lot of praise and criticism. Regardless of good or poor judgment, it turns each have a unique jersey. There lies the uniqueness of not only the clothes on the model alone. Below we will meet the unique position to another:

Olympique Lyonnais's jersey has a 3D design on the chest. Of course not many people who will wear 3D glasses in the game next season. However, the idea of ​​3D design is brilliant.

3D design idea works like this Adidas wants to repeat history. History of 3D started by the Lumiere brothers who are pioneers in the 1890 movie in Lyon. Film industry is growing very rapidly with the advent of 3D movies. That's why last 3D movie like Avatar are phenomenal.

Seeing this, Adidas seems to want to bring 3D to the gridiron success. This statement is supported Lyon defender Anthony Reveillere. In Adidas the official announcement about their new jersey, he said: "I really enjoy a very good 3D Avatar with stunning effect. This costume is very fashionable. "

Unlike the sophisticated jersey Olympique Lyonnais, Reggina Calcio jersey designs tend to be unique in the drawing. The design was apparently inspired torso images of ancient Greek sculpture. Jersey is a maroon-colored silver and complete with navel in his belly. This unique costume had received harsh criticism when its inaugural launch. Uniform image possible design goals was to scare the other team god.

Another great feature found in the following photos:

Wolf image with 3D techniques.

Pictures of men and women on the shirt.

Number of intermittent back.

Minnie Mouse polka dot shades.

Too many lions.

Holes for air exchange.
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