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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hacker Idly Plow Twitter account Alves et al.

Idly, so the right word to describe the act of Padorowsky. I wonder what his aim, Padorowsky hijacked several Twitter accounts footballer. One of them is Dani Alves.

Padorowsky act began when he set up a poll on his personal website. Polling is it? None other is not "which player you most want to see his account hijacked?"

Unfortunately for Alves, whose name appears at the top. He beat Rafael Marquez and "some other players." If this is a poll to determine who the best players, then Alves would have been proud. But it's not.

Alves, who could not play in the Spanish Super Cup final second, found his Twitter account hijacked and then delete the tweet.

But Alves is not alone. As reported by AP, also apparently hijacked accounts Padorowsky Javier Mascherano, David De Gea and Sergio Aguero. Of course that was written Padorowsky tweet directly deleted by the player.

"Someone hijacked my account ... and write some stupid things," wrote Aguero.
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