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Monday, 29 October 2012

Track Record In Career Mark Clattenburg Controversy

1. January 2005, Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspurs

When Mark served in this match he did not endorse Pedro Mendes goal. In fact, from reruns of the ball has crossed the goal line Red Devils.

At that Mendes shooting the ball from distance so far, then the ball regardless of mastery goalkeeper Roy Carroll. However Cattlenburg not see it as a goal.

2. October 2009, Everton vs Liverpool
Oktober 2009, Everton vs Liverpool
He drove Tony Hibbert after discussion with Steven Gerrard, he changed the yellow card to a red card after exchanging views with the Liverpool captain.

In this match he also did not expel Dirk Kuyt when he dangerous tackle by lifting the leg too high. Lescott handed down in the penalty box is also not given their rights, after this fight he was never again oversee Everton game in 5 years.

3. January 2009, Off-Field Controversies
Januari 2009, Kontroversi di Luar Lapangan
Mark fired by PGMO (one of the governing bodies of arbitration) and said he would not lead the fight again after breaking his contract. At that time he allegedly sent an email threat to his business partner and is thought to have debts totaling £ 175,000.

4. December 2009, Bolton vs Manchester City
Desember 2009, Bolton vs Manchester City
Issued a red card for Craig Bellamy. However, at halftime he said "How did you work with him throughout the week?"

That sentence makes Citizen coach Mark Hughes was then furious. Sparky was as a referee Cattlenburg not deserve comments like that in a game that he led.

5. October 2010, Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspurs
Oktober 2010, Manchester United vs Tottenham
He passed Nani goal to win the ball from goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes. And then the goalkeeper was convinced he had the ball drop because of the violation (dead ball situations). Clattenburg Spurs mengerubutinya but would not give in "Let's continue the fight and Nani legitimate goal"

6. October 2012, Chelsea vs Man United
Oktober 2012, Chelsea vs ManUnited
EPL Former top referee who has now retired Graham Poll called the Mark Clattenburg made ​​two fundamental mistakes in this party. Two big mistake by Poll was the expulsion of Fernando Torres and Javier Hernandez scored the legalization of the decisive final game.

"Torres was expelled for being diving, but Clattenburg wrong because replays showed Evans did make contact with him," wrote Poll.

"Then when Chelsea play with 9 players he already passed Chicharito goal off-side position which deflect the kick Rafael."

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