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Friday, 12 October 2012

Jonathan Legear Gas Stations Hit by Porsche

Belgian footballer Jonathan Legear found guilty of hitting a gas station and injuring one person in the town of Tongeren, Belgium.

Local police then decided to hold a driver's license (SIM) player who plays for Russian club Terek Grozny, the. Legear proven drunk driving.

Reported Dirty Tackle, from CCTV footage at the gas station, Esso, Legear looks could not control his Porsche car that crashed into a gas station and convenience store is nearby and injured one person in the store. Lucky guy was not seriously injured.

But a spokesman for Esso recognizing the damage made ​​Legear, they have suffered a loss of 300 thousand euros or equivalent to Rp 3, 7 M.

"Contrary to the news that has been published in several media, I'm not drunk. I also alcohol levels only slightly above a predetermined limit, "said Legear trying to defend himself.

Apparently, this is not the first time he did the act, in 2009, was also sentenced Legear 50 hours of community service after his car crashed into a house.
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