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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

5 Controversial British referee Clattenburg addition

English referee, Mark Clattenburg sudden spotlight. Chelsea counter party led Manchester United last weekend, ending less smooth.

At least the party that won 3-2 MU three controversies it spawns. The first was a second yellow card for Fernando Torres. Then, MU winning goal by Javier Hernandez who is considered by many people offside.

Clattenburg was also accused Chelsea the words do not deserve to players the Blues. It is still under investigation.

Premier League is "save" some referees are known fairly frequently issued controversial decisions. One is Howard Webb, dubbed as the 12th player to MU.

Here are 5 controversial Premier League referee:

1. Graham Poll

Poll sharply criticized after leading the Merseyside derby between Everton cons Liverpool on 21 April 2000. The story began when he canceled the goal Everton Don Hutchison scored in injury time.
Poll regard has been blowing the whistle marks the end of the game. After retiring in 2007, admitted that the decision to annul Poll Hutchison scored as an error.

Poll controversial back story going on in the game cons Chelsea Arsenal who was still dibesut Jose Mourinho in 2004. In position 1-1, Arsenal were awarded a free kick. When the number of players Chelsea are protesting and trying to fix the posse, Thierry Henry suddenly free kick.
Goalkeeper Peter Cech is set defense only able to see the ball pierced through into the post and Arsenal winning 2-1. Poll assume free kick does not need a whistle from him. However, Chelsea finally able to retaliate and force the final score 2-2.

2. Martin Atkinson
Atkinson was criticized in 2009 after leading the Manchester Derby at Old Trafford. Currently only give the extra time of 4 minutes, the referee was born in West Yorkshire provide additional time over six minutes that led to Michael Owen successfully make Manchester United winning 4-3 at minute 96.

In September 2010, he again considered favorable when met Chelsea Everton. The Toffees were then scored two goals in injury time and change it 3-3 behind winning chance in the final seconds. However, Atkinson finally blew the whistle signaled the end game as Everton were behind the attack.

In April 2010, he was also criticized after giving a penalty to Aston Villa. That's after Birmingham City defender Roger Johnson is considered to have violated Gabriel Agbonlahor. But in reruns, Jonson did not violate clearly visible and Aston Villa Agbonlahor eventually won 1-0.

3. Mike Riley
Some also carried Riley controversial decision of his career as a tennis court. One of them is currently leading the duel contra Chelsea Liverpool in February 2009. At that time, he was sentenced Frank Lampard with a red card after breaking Xabi Alonso.

Chelsea have finally defeated by a score of 0-2. In fact, in reruns, Lampard touched the ball cleanly. Not only that, Riley was also sentenced Steven Gerrard, who has the potential to double red card.

4. Andre Marriner
Name Marriner deemed detrimental suddenly famous after diving camp at Liverpool Merseyside derby cons host Everton at the weekend. The most controversial decision that Luis Suarez did not endorse a goal for Everton goalkeeper position as strong as 2-2.

In fact, from the very obvious reruns Suarez is not in an offside position. Considered the stronghold of the Reds victory in sight had been robbed of the referee.

5. Howard Webb
Of all the controversial figure of the referee, Webb is certainly the most famous names. The man who was born July 14, 1971 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England is even labeled as the most controversial referee after repeatedly made ​​the decision "bizarre." Webb often assessed biased towards one team. In fact, when he led the fight in international and European stage.

However, this bald referee controversy on the Premier League stage also myriad. In January 2011 while leading a counter Liverpool Manchester United game, Webb gave a penalty to Manchester United and Liverpool successfully making stronghold like panic. In that game, Webb also gave a red card to Steven Gerrard. As a result of the incident, was popular photos Webb wearing a Manchester United uniform.

Then, in February 2012, Chelsea's turn to feel aggrieved when the Blues Webb also met MU. Chelsea ignited his temper when "forced" to play a draw against the Red Devils. Was awarded two penalty assessed Webb did not make sense. In fact, it was the middle of Chelsea winning 3-1. The match eventually ended in a draw 3-3.

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