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Friday, 14 September 2012

Without Sponsors In Jersey Bundesliga

There will be an interesting thing on the weekend of the third event in the Bundesliga this weekend. All clubs stripped sponsor names on their jersey.
Klub-klub akan mengenakan tulisan "Geh' deinen Weg" atau "Go your Way". (Foto: Dok. Soccer)
The policy was created by the German government to launch a campaign of integration. Instead, these clubs will wear the words "Geh 'Weg deinen" or "Go your Way".

This was done to campaign integration. It is common knowledge that in Germany Intergroup racist attitudes are common. That's why the campaign was made.

Campaign integration is not the first time that happened. In 1992-93, the same thing ever done. At that time, the writing on the chest is "Mein Freund ist Auslander" which means my friends are strangers.
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