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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Indonesia BIGREDS songs reverberate in Anfield

Liverpool club's appreciation to his supporters in Indonesia, to play a song 'BIGREDS Anthem' at Anfield.
Lagu BIGREDS Indonesia Berkumandang di Anfield
Playback songs by the Liverpudlian Indonesia, incorporated in BIGREDS Indonesia's Official Liverpool FC Supporters Club (BIGREDS IOLSC) took place before the Premier League, when Liverpool host Arsenal, (2/9).

The song 'BIGREDS Anthem "is played just after the song' You'll Never Walk Alone 'was played at Anfield, before the players on both teams took the field.

Apparently, the screening is a 'gift' offerings from the Liaison Officer Official LFC Supporters Club, Jane Kavanagh, to BIGREDS IOLSC through one representative of Indonesian supporters who attended the event between Liverpool signing agreement with the sponsor Garuda Indonesia.

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