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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hope Solo Biography Bestselling Books in the United States

Hope Solo biography titled "Solo: A Memoir of Hope". Books about the life story keeper's daughter U.S. soccer is noted to be the third best-selling book in the United States version of the New York Times this week. At 304 pages thick book written by Ann Killion, the Solo is not shy issued the deepest and darkest of his personal life.

Written in the book is how Solo is a love of competition, if not a competition with anyone. Not surprisingly, he had a fight with anyone, from teammates, coaches, even with friends dancing in entertainment "Dancing with the Star".

Attitudes like that conflicted, Solo wrote, no other is the effect of an unhappy childhood. In the early chapters the book, narrated how her childhood home is like a battlefield. "My house is a farm where all the curses, taunts, and all forms of harassment. My father is unemployed, and a drunkard. "

Staying with the temperamental father obviously makes Solo was welcome to stay at home. That's when football became his savior. "In real life, life is so absurd, without clear rules, and I do not feel scared. However, all that vanished when getting to the football field. Everything became so regular, clear, sporty. And it all made me feel very comfortable, "Solo wrote, as quoted from Soccer America, yesterday.

That's why he felt so grateful to live in an era that allowed the women could be involved in the world of football. "I am very lucky because before many young women are very interested in playing football but not channeled his passion for unfettered by the rules."

At the age of five years, Solo has joined the women's soccer team. Adalahh first club name Pink Panthers. With poetic language, in her biography she describes how the joy of the players with the ball past opponents, and scoring a lot of goals.

Later that day, the team lost goalkeeper who moved to another town. Solo and also had a bit of a goalie duties with a unique reason: because he is the only player who dared to be goalkeeper.

"I am the most powerful and daring at the time. I dominated the front lines. I am also a playmaker. Nobody ever dreamed seoranng coach put me so goalkeeper. The problem is, no one else had the guts so the goalie. As a result, because I am fearless, be my keeper. And I was too great to concede, "wrote Solo.

While in junior high school level, the team elected to follow a tournament Solo. At first, this beautiful woman will not take leave because they have no charge for traveling. Fortunately, his friends, and coaches Solo when it urunan to finance it. "My team is a real family," said Solo, who had written high school when his goal is to become a professional footballer's daughter.

At age 13, he went to Eastern Washington ODP, a football school girls. He demonstrated his prowess with the ball, and scored the hope was elected as a striker.

Unfortunately when it is needed the goalkeeper position, and the team had no more stock. Moreover, ODP coaches never seen Solo acting under the goalkeeper. As a result, Solo was chosen as the starting goalkeeper for the U-16 team. Since then, he continued to work in the bottom of the net until it was selected as the U.S. national team goalkeeper daughter. In total, he has played 124 times for his country, and contributed two Olympic gold medals.
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