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Friday, 7 September 2012

Circulating, Video Immoral Pique-Shakira

Couple football player Gerard Pique and Shakira Latin singer never stopped attracting attention. This time, the circulation of the sex video they made ​​public tantrum world.
Video seks Shakira dan Gerard Pique dikabarkan beredar akibat pegawainya. (Foto: Getty Images)
Reportedly Fox Sports, sex tape the two had traded in Spain over the last few weeks. Representatives from the Shakira continues to deny this, but the Spanish magazine, Intervieu proclaim a talent agent in Barcelona admitted that he had offered to buy the tape.

"The video has a duration of 15 minutes. Was recorded using a mobile phone, which I guess, is the effects of employee Shakira who is also in that place on that night. Image was unstable and too unfocused," I am the agent.

The Mexican television, notas also reported the video was used by one employee Shakira for blackmail.

However, this was apparently not the first time Shakira is squeezed due to a sex videotape her. Beautiful singer was also once blackmailed over sex tape of her with Antonia de la Rua and Alejando Sanz.

Some former employees Shakira recently also demanded. They claim to be fired simply for failing to serve food at midnight. However, lawyers Shakira, Ezequiel A. Camerini denied the statement.

"Clearly there is evidence that they wanted to hurt my clients by taking advantage of his personal popularity and reputation. They want money," he said.
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