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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Show off Balotelli celebration imitated Muscle Japanese player

After scoring the second goal against Germany, Mario Balotelli to celebrate interesting. She takes off her costume, and posed like an bodybuilding that was showing muscle. As a result of that celebration, Balotelli straight yellow card by referee rewarded.

Celebration of costume is not allowed to remove the rules of FIFA or UEFA. However, it rarely rewarded players are still willing to yellow card for throwing his delight after breaking into the opposing goal.

Balotelli was carried celebrate the inspiration for some of the players of the world. One of them in parts of Asia, specifically in Japan. A day after German counter-Italy match at Euro 2012 semifinal, Saturday (30/6), players from the J-League club, Vissel Kobe, too, was inspired to do Like a celebration Balotelli.

Ken Tokura successful is to find the net Kawasaki Fronte through hard kick left foot from outside the penalty box. The goal was a bit similar to that done Balotelli against Germany. The difference, balo kick with his right foot.

After scoring, Tokura immediately took off the costumes and the Like bodybuilding pose, similar to what was done Balotelli. Interesting, because it was no less Tokura muscle muscular than Balotelli. Tokura celebration then downloaded to Youtube, and made ​​his name became popular.

Balotelli was actually not the first player to celebrate like that. FC Porto striker Hulk has ever done. However, the popularity of Balotelli over making the news. What's done in the arena of Euro 2012.
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